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Worship two big feet

Gay Porn Pics & Movies Worship two big feet.

Miss Jasmine comes down the stairs looking sexy and radiant. As she reaches the bottom of the steps her slave comes into camera view, naked, cold, and laying on the floor, ready to be subjected to her cruel whims. She jumps up on her slave and starts to walk all over his body including stomping his cock.

Jasmine starts talking about her evening ahead, which will include dancing and she starts to dance on her bitch who is doing his best not to make much noise from the pain her weight is inflicting on Worship two big feet.

She rubs a foot over his face and then sort of forgets about him as she starts to share some stories with you of recent travel, sexual encounters, and so on. She steps over her slaves face and tells him to admire her freshly Worship two big feet pussy. You can admire it too. Great upward angles will make you feel you are the slave on the floor. Now she moves about his body even more and giggles Worship two big feet the pain she is causing him.

This slave actually prefers getting kicked repeatedly in the nuts over being trampled if you have ever wondered how the pain of a woman on you might feel compared to other forms of punishment. To insure the slave has pleasant memories of the encounter Jasmine makes sure to give him some good hard kicks to his groin as well.

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Mistress Irene is on the bed scrolling hot stud porn on her phone and just relaxing. She explains how she has been busy all day beating and using men.

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She looks at you and asks if you wish you were the guy down at her feet. She tells Worship two big feet slave that being that close to her feet he better do a good job because kicking him would be very easy right now. With two armpits and two feet she suggests four slaves might be most appropriate. She touches her pussy and says if she had a real man there also he could take care of Worship two big feet. The slave is licking between each tow now as told to do so and then she tells him to suck her big toe as practice to be her cuckold.

Mistress Irene relaxes in her Jacuzzi tub, giving you a great up-close view of her sexy feet. She shows her soles to the camera and spreads her delicious toes nice and wide. As the camera pulls back, you see her long, lean body and massive, exposed breasts. She turns off the jets and calls in her slave, who appears with a wet cloth in his mouth.

She adds that it also comes in handy to have him as the CEO of the bank, because after all, she does demand a high standard of living.

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She follows through on her promise and has him drop the towel so she can insert her foot into his mouth. The other foot, she waves at the camera and suggests that you crawl over to suck it. As the slave sucks her toes and licks her soles, she says she could stay there for hours. She tells the slave she could have him kneeling on glass, so she hopes he appreciates being in such a comfortable position to serve her, on all fours and naked.

Velma owes Jason money Worship two big feet rent as he has some big bills coming up.

She slips off her sweaty sneakers exposing her big size 10 stinky soles. Knowing Jason has a secret foot fetish she knows just how to make him bend to her will.

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She asks if he can smell that stink in the air from her sweaty feet, he gets shy and kinda says Worship two big feet can. She then sticks her feet in his face and tells him maybe they can come up with a deal. If he agrees to cover her rent then he can smell her feet as much as he wants.

Slowly he comes around to the idea and soon Velma has him right where she wants him, under her stinky soles!

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Miss that cannot go like this every time. The landlord is getting really mad and he threatens to throw Didi out of the apartment unless she pays right now.

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I can prolong you the time for payment by a week but it will not be for free. Since Didi has no other option she agrees. The landlord is in heaven. So sweaty and smelly and worn pantyhose…they smell so good Worship two big feet her feet, they are so big and soft…what a great deal for him.

Would you like to be on his place?

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Mistress Irene continues her abuse of her puny bitch boy as this scene opens with him kicking between her legs as she scissors the cr p out of him. Irene never lets this slave outside because Worship two big feet loves how pasty white it leaves him and what a sight he is kicking. But Charlie does not admit anything.

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She confronts him and he admit to have a foot fetish. But he only likes to massage and smell feet. Hahaha, I love this! No need to say she really enjoys her power now. This shoot with Akira Shell has truly been a couple years in the making.

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She is a gorgeous, fun 21 year old model and has size 8. This is from one of my most recent Tampa, Florida Worship two big feet and since I had been missing her a lot, I made sure i got her in. This girl has some seriously naturally sweaty feet. I mean, WET and you can see the sweat on camera.

You can especially see this during the closeup footage. I even have her wear sneakers without socks and in this hot Florida heat.

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It just adds to the natural moisture that her feet collect. Akira loves to break my balls about how it took so long for me to work with her.