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Woke up really lewd

Gay Porn Base Woke up really lewd.
It is again a habitual...

It was strange enough to wake up in this dark expanse of nothingness, standing before a throne with a strange, pointy-eared sleeping girl. But when she woke up and exuberantly exclaimed that her name was Sothis, and she was to show you "guidance" in times to come, having her tackle you onto the stone steps near her throne and start ferociously making out with you was far from what you were expecting.

Your breath comes out in struggled moans now, hissing hot through your nostrils as your tongue tries its best to attempt hers. To your dismay, you feel start feeling a distinct tightness down in your groin. Against your better judgment, you have to admit that her kisses Woke up really lewd good.

It's been a long past few months, traveling day and night with your father, mercenary band in tow. No chance for the touch of a woman, for any sort of intimacy to really let yourself loose. You're made suddenly aware of just how hard you are at this point when a mischievous little hand rubs over it through your trousers. You let out a surprised grunt into Sothis' lips, and she pulls back, strings of your spit bridging your mouths as you pant.

You dazily open your eyes as you revel in deep gulps of oxygen now that this little dream mynx has finally given you an opening to breathe. A moment later they shoot open when Woke up really lewd realize that the green-haired girl straddling your lap is suddenly naked, sans the accessories and jewelry on her head. The jade of her pupils look at you inquisitively, sparkling Woke up really lewd coyness as if she wasn't nestled nude on your very aroused dick.

I can already tell that you're not as experienced as I thought you'd be. I thought the son of a legendary mercenary would be getting tail left and right…". You want to protest, but Solith shuts you up by shuffling herself down a bit, placing her warm little muff right on top of that tightening bulge in your trousers. You bite your tongue, and bite harder when she starts grinding on it.

No matter," she says, oh-so-innocently as she continues rubbing herself onto your pulsing cock. Just sit back, and let me teach you. She continues to grind her petit body against you.

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Your hands find her skin, and you're reeling at how impossibly soft she is. You feel warm giggles wisp against your face. Then you let out a muffled yelp when you feel your cock start sliding against something slick, hot, and. You open your eyes, confirming the fact that you're now suddenly naked, because of course you are.

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At this point, there's no use in fighting or resisting. Logic is obviously nonexistent in here With that, you close your eyes and really start to indulge in Sothis' little lips, feeling them curl into a smile.

There, too, it continued to...

Sothis is starting to grind against you in earnest, your kisses growing heavier. Your meat is full-mast, its crown extending all the way past her bellybutton as she presses your cock almost flush against your own abs. Your hand that's not reigning in her head finds a firm and very soft hold in her perky little ass, and you find great joy in guiding the way she's grinding herself against you.

You tear your mouth away from hers as you let out a full-bodied moan. Your cockhead is almost purple at this point, all those months of neglect starting to really come down onto you in full force.

You feel the warm softness of her weight suddenly absent from your lap. You don't even have to look down to see that Sothis is suddenly kneeling on some lower stairsteps, her head in between your legs. She's looking up at you with that coy look again as her hands reach out and start playing with Woke up really lewd junk. Just like her kisses, you know this girl is anything but coy; those fingers handle your tool as easily Woke up really lewd breathing. You hiss as she strokes you from base to tip, those wide eyes of hers focusing intently on your urethra as it begins to bead with pre.

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One of her hands is softly fondling your balls, the other smoothing down your veiny meat to your base when she leans forward, and gives the tip of your throbbing dick a torturously-slow lick. She starts taking your prick and rubbing it gently against her cheek, snuggling it like a cat would Woke up really lewd a post. You grit your teeth. That was a surprisingly good piece of teaching advice, but such admiration is lost on you at the sight of such an innocent face casually smothering your boner.

Further admiration is lost even further when your world plunges into an all-encompassing heat; in one smooth, forwards motion, Sothis takes your cock past her Woke up really lewd. There's no way all of your meat can fit into that small mouth of hers, and her progress stops halfway, where she starts wetly shifting her hot tongue around your meat, maneuvering her head to smother your cockhead against her slimy inside walls of her cheeks.

Another forward motion and Sothis pushes your pulsing crown into the tight, tighttube of her throat. You let out incoherent gibberish but she pushes forward still, until the girl has completely swallowed you whole, her lips a tight airlock around the base of your shaft.

She looks up at you, blinking once, and then she pulls back, letting every moist, wet inch of her tongue, her throat, her cheeks, slide against you all at once before she swallows it all back in again. You're gasping as she continues, the sight of your cock forming a very prominent bulge in this girl's throat almost as arousing as the lewd slurping chokes of that throat being violated with your thick lust. The knot in your loins falls apart all at once. Sothis makes sure that your cock is fully lodged as deep as it can be inside her throat, and as the first shot of spunk jets out from your cock, starts hummingensuring the slick canal of her gullet coaxes out every drop of hot semen that's starting to shoot out directly into her thin little neck.

Your toes curl as one shot of cum gives way to another. Her neck pulses with every milky shot of your cum. You watch transfixed as she keeps you deep inside her throat until Woke up really lewd climax tapers out.

Your load eventually ends, and Sothis pulls back for good this time, relinquishing your cock with a very loud, and very lewd slurp. A sticky gossamer of pre and drool falls in thick strings from her mouth, but not Woke up really lewd single drop of your cum is to be found. She gives you that smile she gave you when she just woke up, when you stumbled in here in the first place, then she giggles.

So it's a good thing that there's a lot more time for us to get acquainted.

She flicks your cock, and you're suddenly aware that even after nutting hard deep inside her Woke up really lewd, you're still hard as a godsdamned rock. You're still catching your breath, looking at the state of your erection, when you blink, and find that you're suddenly alone on those stone steps. With your dick still rigid between your legs, you stand and scale the steps before you stop, blessed with the most holiest of sights: Sothis is leaning over her throne, her tight, perky ass pointed towards you, the juicy folds of her wet little pussy leaking arousal in thin streams down the skin of her legs.

You blink again and you're already behind her, your hands greedily dug into the softness of her ass. You bite your lip at the sight of the excess skin that spills between your fingers.

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Your cock is perfectly lined up to the perfect pinkness of her leaking folds, and all it takes is one forwards thrust for you to sink into Sothis' tight cunt. You hiss at just how Woke up really lewd it is; you thought her throat was a snug fit, but this is on a whole other level.

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