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What the photographer saw

Gay Naked Galleries What the photographer saw.

When my daughter was born, she was perfect.

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She had blue eyes like sparkling pools, dimpled cheeks, and a smile that gave her a constant look of a kid opening presents on Christmas morning. She slowed down in development and started missing milestones around 8 months. When she was 13 months old, an MRI told us she had a Leukodystrophy, a fatal disease with no cure and no treatment.

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We went from a state of baby bliss to rock bottom and had to start over in a world we had not What the photographer saw exposed to. It was like we had previously looked through a pane of glass at the world of special needs, and now we were on the inside.

Even as my daughter grew, she did not look like she had a disease. She had bouncy curls and a happy smile.

When I saw other special needs kids and adults who could not control their movements, arms in odd positions and drool sneaking from the side of their mouths, I was ashamed of my thoughts. She is beautiful and any drool is from teething. She holds What the photographer saw spoon and brings it to her mouth. As months stretched to years, she slowly began to look like she had special needs.

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She had a hard time holding up her head. Receiving blankets transitioned to become bibs for the drool. She lost her grasp reflex and could no longer hold the spoon.