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Wade and sterling pound raw

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of " The Wade genealogy: The Wade Genealogy Illustrated. Illustrated with portraits and coats-of-arms.

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He tolde a tale of Wade. Edition limited to copies, of which this is No. The History and Genealogy of the Wade Family, of which this forms Part i, comprises over pages and 60 inserted illustrations in 10 parts, the six chapters being entitled as specified on the next page. With Part 10 and- in ample time for binding there will be supplied a title page, dedication, preface, table of contents and list of illustra- tions, together with a special set of pages for the inscription of the purchaser's family record.

Directions for placing the full page illus- trations will also be supplied as well as Wade and sterling pound raw complete set of indices of Wades, allied families and places.

No further charge will be made for these essential additions. Covers for binding will be supplied or the Wade and sterling pound raw of parts undertaken at moderate cost.

Occupying as this compilation has the labors of many enthusiastic collectors, -necessitating, as the cost of material and labor have, an ex- penditure of more than five thousand dollars, this publication can never prove a source of profit to those concerned. As a history of a famous family it possesses much interest.

As a earef ul Wade and sterling pound raw of the folk-lore and literature relating to Wade it possesses, the compiler sincerely hopes, such literary value as will insure its purchase by libraries and colleges. The compiler's ability to publish the remainder of the book de- pending entirely on the sale of the first part, he earnestly appeals to every person of the name and all important libraries to purchase one copy of his work.

The Edition is limited. Early application is necessary. The Origin and Etymology of the Name of Wade and herein of duke wada. Various American Genealogies, including Wade of Virginia.

Index of Names other than Wade. The fact that up to the present, no one has published a connected account of a family, famous not only in England, but in America, should be a sufficient excuse, if excuse be needed, for the compilation of this book.

Wade of the Lnited States Army: Occupying, as the present compilation has, the labor of many- Wade and sterling pound raw and requiring the expenditure of much money, it can only hope to serve as an index or stepping-stone for others who come after to use. All honor to our ancestors who preserved records, to Savage, whose Genealogical History of Neva England 'has proved of great value, and to those, dead and gone, who with a pardonable pride in the possession of an honored name, collected much of the material.

The compiler can only say with Wade and sterling pound raw, " I have gathered a posie of other men's flowers, and nothing but the string that binds them is mine own. From this stock came men who rushed to arms at the first call of the colonies, who mustered at Reho- both to fight the fierce Narragansetts, who went with Pepperell to the attack on Louisbourg, and whose descendants, in the times that tried men's souls, responded to the first echo of the Lexington alarm — men who fought at Bunker Hill, at Saratoga, at Harlem and in Rhode Is- land, and who went with the "Father of their Country" to the wintry horrors of Valley Forge.

The records of the Revolution have been carefully examined and all information obtained as to those Wades who took up arms for freedom. The compiler's especial thanks are due to very many members of the family for valuable information, data, copies of Wade and sterling pound raw and assist- ance in his self-imposed task. The obligations under which he remains to Messrs.

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Wade, Major- General J. There exists a third class — as the old Winchester adage runs to be scourged. To the many engrossed too deeply in the chase of the almighty dollar to reply to his circulars of enquiry, the compiler can only express his conviction that in future years, their negligence will be execrated by their descendants.

It remains but to add that all corrections, data and particulars will be welcomed Wade and sterling pound raw the compiler with a view to later and more extended editions of the work. Wade, according to Lower Patronymica Britannicdis one of the names that man derives from the face of nature.

Britaines Remaines speaks of it as a baptismal name in use in England at the Conquest It is one of the oldest English names, as the following folk-rhyme, quoted by Lowerwill show: As to the derivation of the name, the same author ascribes it to the Anglo-Saxon wad, as importing a meadow or a ford.

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Cobham Brewer, also, in his excellent Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, derived the name from the Anglo-Saxon wad, a ford ; wadan, to ford or go through a meadowbut erroneously instances the Anglo-Saxon name for the month of June — Weyd- monat ; as, so called, according to Verstegan, " because the beasts did then weyd in the meadow, that is to say, go and feed there.

Lower also informs us that the surname Wade itself a. The compiler acknowledges the deep debt of gratitude due to his friend Mr. Columbia University, New York City, for a considerable and valuable portion of this first chapter.

To his painstaking effort is due the entire credit for the excerpts and transla- tions Wade and sterling pound raw the early Scandinavian and German literature as to the ex- ploits of the hero Wade. If, as is sincerely hoped, tnis chapter pos- sesses more than a mere genealogical interest, a part of the credit be- longs to Mr.

Hervey for his kind collaboration with the compiler. Arthur, in his Etymological Die lion iry of Names incor- rectly ascribes our surname to the Dutch as derived from weide, a meadow or pasture, but the Dutch weide, it seems, may have been itself derived from the earlier and kindred Anglo-Saxon. In an old Anglo-Saxon poem, called the Widsilh, Scop, Gleemans or Traveler s Tale, Wade and sterling pound raw the terms are identicalwe are told that Wada ruled over the Helsings, a Scandanavian tribe which left a trace of its occupancy in the place-name, Helsingfors ft.

Grimm goes further and derives Wada's name from his having waded, like a second Christopher, with his son on his shoulder, over the nine-ell-deep Groenasund cbetween Seeland, Falster and Moen.

Chaucer, the father of English poesy, mentions this famous Saxon hero, perhaps real — perhaps mythical — in his classic Canter- bury Tales.

Helsingaland was probably the Finnish peninsular on the Gulf of Bothnia. There is now a town named Helsingfors on the southern extremity of that peninsular, situated on the Gulf of Finland. Also a district in eastern part of Sweden, just across the Gulf of Bothniacalled J letsingland. Michel's extraordinary conclusion about the boat — "Nous avons quelques raisons de croire que ce bateau n'etoit pas d'une course aussi rapide: It is obvious that the sole use of a Wade and sterling pound raw boat is to transport its possessor from place to place in a few minutes like the magic wings of Wade's own father.

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This is all we need to know, to see the point of the allusion. Old widows, says Chaucer in effect, know too much of the craft of Wade's boat; they can fly from place to place in a minute, and, if charged with any misdemeanor, will swear they were a mile away from the place at the time alleged. Pickwick, on the other hand, being only a man, failed to set up an alibi, and suffered Wade and sterling pound raw. Gu- regularly corresponds to Eng.

His explanation of the allusion in Chaucer's line is ingenious and perhaps correct, if we assume that the tradition of the boat became confounded with that of the magic wings or, properly, "feather-gar- ment.

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Wieland' s boat had no particularly magic qualities, nor did it afford especially rapid trans- portation. Men fishing near the coast dragged the enorm- ous trunk ashore in their nets. They marvelled at its appearance, be- cause it was so cleverly hewn and thought that something good must be hidden therein. They sent to the King, asking him to come and see this tree. When the King came and saw the trunk, he command- ed them to examine what might be in it.

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Then they began cutting into the trunk; but when Wieland found what they were doing, he called to them and told them to stop and said that a mail was inside.

And when they heard the voice, they thought that the Evil One him- self must be in the trunk ; and they were terrified and ran away in this direction and that, and told the King they thought the Evil One was in the trunk. Meanwhile Wieland opened the trunk, came out and went before the King and said: It is to be noted that Skeat errs in speaking of Wade as Wieland's son.

He bases his statement on the note of Vigfusson and Powell which he quotes without going to the Vilkina Saga for verification. That the editors of the Corpus should have made this slip is a matter of some surprise, for the Vilkina Saga says plainly H The Wade Genealogy. And again the same poet in The Wade and sterling pound raw of Troilus and Cresseide, refers to this hero as popular and well known in the following words: Book III, line As to the origin and significance of the word or name of Wade, the earliest occurrence of the name of Wade in literature is in Widsiih, or The Wade and sterling pound raw Song, line 22, where Wada is men- tioned as ruler of the Helsings.

The date of Widsith is probably as early as A. Of the Helsings we have no information, except that Adam of Bremen who wrote about A.

In the Anglo-Saxon poem, The Lament of Deor, belonging to the seventh or eighth centurythe story of Wieland Welandas told in the Vilkina Saga, is referred to so circumstantially as to show that the poet knew it well. The story of Wieland's having been carried across the Groena- d that the son of Wieland and Bod wild was Wittig.

The four genera- tions are Wilkinus, Wade, Wieland, Wittig.

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