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Let's all join in the celebrations with an absolute monster of a sale! Emerge from the cosmic dark age of a fallen galactic empire to craft a new future for your people!

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The first ever grand strategy game on consoles brings more deep strategy, resource management, and political intrigue than has ever been available to consolenauts before Buy now! Rule the oceans, assert domination and vanquish your foes!

Pick up your copy today and prove your nations worth! The Unprotected war games iv final and People of Rome are counting on you to speak up in defence of a republic under siege! Pre-order today and you'll be ready for April 25th! Console edition is here! This needs to be celebrated with a sale: How to beat Burgundy? No sort Helpful Agree Respectfully Disagree. Dec 18, Messages: If I remember right, Burgundy starts with awesome monarch with very high military rating.

There is your problem.

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Currently all you need to win wars is good general and cavalry. EvilSantaFeb 24, Mar 13, Messages: Jan 22, Messages: Even when Burgundy is not lucky, it always seems blessed with star military Kings. This will give a tangible boost to the morale of all their troops, give them a Super-General, and it's likely that somehow they always time their mil. My game goal was to create a Vassal HRE: I would de-blobbify by war, Unprotected war games iv final release all those territories as tiny vassals.

Anyway, this obviously meant reducing Burgundy to a single-sized province at some point.

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I conducted Unprotected war games iv final major wars with them and found every time that the real kicker was their uber-King and uber-generals. As an HRE, unless you're reduced to about 7 members, you have enough manpower to take them on; and since it's a very natural thing for Netherlands to go into Trade, you are richer than them I am currently raking in over ducats a year from Trade.

Another factor is that being a smaller nation than Burgundy you will hopefully have an advantage on Land Technology, and combined with the morale NI maybe, you would also have the morale advantage on Burgundy, which is crucial. They would beat to 1 odds and repeatedly leave my armies in the dust while going around liberating their provinces I so recently besieged.

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There are several tricks to dealing with Burgundy: The AI, often being retarded, decides to spend 60 years sieging one of your provinces with his best general while you siege his entire country.

Use this time wisely.

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Actually, not so much an exploit as much as an 'unavoidable' exploit You will most likely be fighting in Burgundian lands. Even if you fight him, lose, and take down a few of his men, at end of each month Unprotected war games iv final his morale and his men will replenish automatically, making it a never-ending stalemate.

If you should have a clear numerical superiority, then you can dividey our armies into TWO. Time it so that you send your first arrmy to arrive at the enemy province around 29th or 30th of the year. The fighting will begin, and even should you lose, you will take down some of the enemy's men and you will have prevented monthly replenishments.

When that army is pushed back, you immediately have the 2nd army go in - hopefully, again near end of month. This means that every month you have one of the two armies fighting the Burgundian King, preventing him from regaining morale and troops, and from moving anywhere else.

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He is literally stuck there, winning every battle but losing more and more, until your superior HRE manpower and trade income means you wittle down his troops and finally destroy his army. They can be a real help in distracting the Burgundian King and his uber-generals, and leaving you leaderless men and provinces to deal with.

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Being the emperor of the Vassal Empire as I mentioned, I was able to bring over fifteen German minors into the war who actually contributed by sending little 1k-5k armies pouring into Burgundy.

Since half of them had good Kings leading them, they are actually, combined, a real boost. Unprotected war games iv final this is a very 'special' situation; and we all know how ridiculously difficult it is to ally with a great power in EU3.

Still, even little ones help, as long as they are near enough to actually send troops. Oct 23, Messages: As soon as other AI nations see that their army is gone, they'll dogpile in - it's like a pack of hyenas that will nibble them half to death before they can right themselves.

If your opponent has an ubermonarch general, your best recourse is to either: Avoid him and wipe out all the other stacks behind him in his own territory. This is because a retreating army goes to an empty friendly territory before going to yours - you can wipe out his army behind him. Once he's all that's left, you pretty much have to bite the bullet and hit him with everything you've got - praying that massive casualties kill him. Hit him first with everything you have - praying that massive casualties kill him.

I prefer 1 - it sucks if you manage to beat him once, then have Unprotected war games iv final retreat and merge with another healthy stack.

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In my current game as Brandenburg, I've managed to knock my lucky enemies out this way - Burgundy ended up losing half it's territories and spent the next 20 years putting out rebellions, and Savoy just lost nearly half it's provinces after stupidly picking on my ally. Qara Koyunlu's next - damn empire stretches from the Crimea to Arabia. Jul 1, Messages: Someone posted a study of combat a couple of weeks back. One of the things he found out was that the general's modifier is applied twice - plus for his army, minus for his Unprotected war games iv final.

So if you have no general and your opponent has Shock 5, your average shock die roll is zero - which, as Felagund found out, means that not only do your troops get slaughtered, they don't do any damage.

The best way of fighting a shock-6 uberking is not to. Just follow along behind the big stack, recapture your provinces as soon as it moves out, and run like a scared cat if it tries to attack you.

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Meanwhile your other armies are conquering his kingdom. Even if he Unprotected war games iv final up in the last province, you can still force a favourable peace settlement. If you opponent is Burgundy and can field multiple armies with high-ranked generals, your best hope is to build the biggest forts you can, let him come to you and try to jump his smallest armies at The generals will bounce back to the pool even if you do kill the armies, but if you have enough resources you can run him out of manpower.

General Winter doesn't care what his opponent's stats are.

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Jan 30, Messages: The best way to beat Burgundy and form the Netherlands is to start as Friesland, not Gelre. By doing so, you avoid having a common border with Burgundy and avoid getting invaded early on. When the game starts out, form alliances with Cleves and Gelre. You should be able to diplo-vassalize at least one of them shortly thereafter.

To keep on Burgundy's good side, send Burgundy gift after gift during this time period. Focus on trade and merchants for the first few decades. Then slowly expand eastward either diplomatically or militarily Gelre, Cleves, Hamburg, Brandenburg etc. Once you have provinces, start building up your army. Then wait for an event to fire giving you a CB.