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All couples seek a healthy relationship with a satisfying sexual life. But no matter how sexually Unprotected guy takes large dark dick they are, there are always chances that allergies or side-effects of the products used while sex, come in the way of happy couple who are having great sex. One such condition is men having penis allergies immediately after having intercourse. While an expert medical attention is required to treat the condition, there are some steps that men can take in order to prevent having such allergies.

A sensitive penis tip may cause redness, pain, swelling, itching or discharge in the tip of penis.


Our expert Dr Ashish Mittal tells what you can do about it. Allergic rhinitis is a type of allergy that affects most number of people. Rashes and red spots can develop on the skin because of high blood sugar level.

An unusual sign of diabetes, this causes burning sensation and redness on the skin.

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Antibiotics or anti-allergens too seem to show no results. It is a clear symptom of balanitis and patient must get their blood sugar levels checked if this happens.


Many men are allergic to condoms and may develop itchiness or redness on being exposed to condoms. People who work in the healthcare industry are most prone to such allergies as they wear latex gloves all day long.

The spermicides that are present on the lining of the condoms and the dyes that are used to colour these products can cause allergic reactions in some men. There are latex-free condoms available in the market, which are slightly more expensive.

But these are an effective rash-free solution. In some rare cases, some allergic reactions cause burning sensations, pain and itchiness on the penis. These allergies can be aggravated by pubic hair, female secretions or pubic lice.