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Using a hammer to drive in nails — as well as for many other jobs — is certainly do-able with low vision or no vision. Some people imagine bruised or broken fingers that result from hammering, but this is not the case; in fact, many persons who are blind or have limited vision use a hammer in many ways.

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This guide will focus on using a hammer to drive in nails, but a hammer can be used for many other tasks, such as tapping a wood chisel or breaking up cement. As with any home repair or woodworking project, it is important to follow good Two friends hammering practices and to select the correct hammer and nails for the job.

If you have low vision, or some residual vision, and feel safe in relying on it, here are some helpful tips:. There are many types of hammers on the market, ranging from small lightweight "tack" hammers, to framing hammers, to heavier hammers usually used to remove concrete or wooden beams. Most have claws either straight or curved opposite the hammer head, which are useful Two friends hammering pulling out nails and prying up boards.

For most home repair projects, a tack hammer and a standard ounce hammer pictured below will be adequate.

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Steel handles are preferable to wooden ones. Wooden handles can break if stressed. Also, wooden handles can dry out, which can cause the hammer head to fly off during use.

There are many different types of nails, as anyone knows who has gone to a hardware store or building supply center. There are many techniques that people have devised to drive in nails. Here are a number of tips and suggestions that you can choose to match your strength, spatial memory, and task to be performed. First, you will need to position the nail and hold it in place until you have driven it in enough that it will stay Two friends hammering place without being held.

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Push the spring-loaded shaft of the brad starter against the piece of wood. When nailing soft wood or hard wood, it is advisable to drill a pilot hole part way into the wood to prevent cracking and to help with starting the nail.

Plywood or medium-density fiberboard MDF usually doesn't crack or split.

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If you hold the nail with your fingers, try to hold the nail Two friends hammering a right angle to your work to ensure it will go in straight. Once the nail is started there are several ways to locate the nail before striking it with the hammer:. Try to hold the hammer so that the head of the hammer is parallel to the nail and strikes the head with the face of the hammerhead. This will Two friends hammering ensure that the nail will not bend or go in at an angle.

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You may discover that after some experience at driving nails, your muscle Two friends hammering will help you strike the nail correctly with each stroke without having to check it.

Also, you can tell by sound and feel if Two friends hammering have a good driving stroke or if the nail is bending or is not being struck flatly by the face of the hammer.

Once the nail is started, grasp the hammer handle near the end so that the weight of the hammer along with flexing your wrist will do the work of driving the nail — not your arm or shoulder. Compressed air-driven nail guns, also called pneumatic nailers, can fit all sizes of nails and can make easy work of nailing.

They require a source of compressed air — usually 70 to 90 pounds per square inch PSI — and a nail gun that matches the size and type of nail you wish to install. They all are equipped with safety devices, but care must be taken to avoid accidents.

When using an air-powered nail gun, it is important to set the air pressure correctly. If the pressure is too low, the nail will not go in all the way and if it is too high, the nail can be shot through the material and cause injury. Gil's Guide to Woodworking.

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VisionAware helps adults who are losing their sight continue to live full and independent lives by providing timely information, Two friends hammering daily living techniques, a directory of national and local services, and a supportive online community. Safety Practices for Hammering Have in mind the steps you will need to take to complete the project.

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