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On a Sunday afternoon my dad gets a phone call from his cousin my uncle asking if he could come over and help assemble a new gym set that he bought. My dad says yes and asks me if I wanted to tag along. I was so quick to say yes only because I knew my cousin Jessie would be home, well I hoped he was home.

Growing up, I always thought Jessie was cute and I must say puberty was done right on his behalf. He grew up to be Tumblr show your dick bad ass Asian boys with a muscular slim toned body, who actually looks like they ate the whole Gym for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After a 30min drive or so we arrive, both my dad and uncle start tackling the Gym Set. Knowing them both they would spend majority of the time talking stories with one another rather than Tumblr show your dick on their task, which gave me a good hours to put my plan in motion.

I secretly stare him down from top to bottom before sitting on the ground next to his bed, any more progress then his muscles would have muscles. I watch him play for about 10min or so until he gets his fill of gaming, he turns it off and we both start watching TV.