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Ticklish everywhere

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How can I stop being so ticklish?

Why am I ticklish?

February 13, As far as I know, I've always been incredibly ticklish. As in, will scream and flail about if my skin is lightly touched. I haven't conducted Ticklish everywhere major research or anything, but it doesn't seem Ticklish everywhere I get more or less ticklish when any sort of conditions change tiredness, drunkenness, whether I know it's coming, changes in weather, phase of the moon, level of intimacy with the tickler, how long I'm being tickled.

It's pretty much all over my body, except my breasts reductioncalves, feet weird! The tickling sensitivity has officially become A Problem because it's interfering with Ticklish everywhere ability to be physically intimate with my partner, who I really, really like and would prefer to not instinctively swat away. So, what are my options here? Also, is there a name for this, and that's why Googling has failed me? Dry skin will make you feel more sensitive. Rub some moisturizer on commonly tickled spots.

I have the same problem, so I'll be watching this thread for answers, but I will say this since I know your partner is the bearded type: WanKenobi to shave his beard.

Beard hairs are little better than feathers for me. Fingers cause a reaction, but not nearly as violent of one. My friend always said, "I'm an apple, and apples aren't ticklish.

So, at least for him it was a mind over matter thing, YMMV. My boyfriend's like that, I've just had to get better at touching him firmly. My feet were ridiculously ticklish before I got to college. Once there, I met a nice boy who enjoyed giving foot rubs. That naturally led to problems, since I would kick and thrash and flail if anyone got near my feet.

It took several months of DAILY foot rubbing to get me to calm down a bit and get to the point where I wouldn't almost Ticklish everywhere kick him in the face when he reached for my foot. Different sensations, salt scrubs, lotions, moisturizers seemed to help to acclimate my feet to being touched in different ways.

Then we broke up and nobody touched my feet for a long time and years later I'm ticklish again to the point of almost kicking people upon Ticklish everywhere touched. That tends to indicate to me that there is no permanent solution except Ticklish everywhere constant touch-based desensitization. It is essentially an innate condition and will not change due to Ticklish everywhere, age, etc. Some of the treatments for sensory integration dysfunction may Ticklish everywhere. First train your partner: Sit them down and say "we're going to teach you how to not tickle me" First make sure they know tickling is -not- fun and will in no way be considered a play-time activity.

Make sure they know you're dead serious about this, but that you're not mad at them or anything. In fact you're trying to make things all kinds of sexy. Then explain that a firm touch will not tickle and a light one will. Then have them practice on you. Yeah, this will take some nerves on your part, but first touch your partner in a way and place that would tickle you, then touch the same place in a firmer, non-ticklish way.

Then have them do it Ticklish everywhere you. Only the last part, not the first tickle part of course. Move through a bunch of different places and ways Ticklish everywhere touching.

Second, train your self. I like shyler 's story about the Ticklish everywhere.

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