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Police misconduct refers to inappropriate conduct and or illegal actions taken by police officers in connection with their official duties. Police misconduct can lead to a miscarriage of justice and sometimes involves discrimination and or illegal motives of segregation combined as obstruction of justice. In an effort to control police misconduct, there is an accelerating trend for civilian agencies to go beyond review to engage directly in investigations and to have much greater input into disciplinary decisions.

With the proliferation of mobile devices capable of recording alleged misconduct, police misconduct and abuse is now receiving publicity on social media and on websites including YouTube.

In response, police often try to intimidate citizens to prevent them from using cameras. In other circumstances, police will illegally seize or delete evidence recorded by citizens, notwithstanding laws that make it a crime to destroy evidence of a crime being committed, irrespective of whether the crime is committed by civilians or by the police. Types of misconduct include coerced false confessionintimidationfalse arrestThis cop knows how to use his authority imprisonmentfalsification of evidencespoliation of evidencepolice perjurywitness tamperingpolice brutalitypolice corruptionracial profilingunwarranted surveillanceunwarranted searchesand unwarranted seizure of property.

Police officers often share a " blue code of silence ", which means that they do not turn each other in for misconduct. While some officers have called this code a myth, [8] a survey found evidence that it exists. Misconduct has been shown to be related to personality and correlated to education, but it can also be significantly affected by the culture of the police agency.

Some analyses have found that changes in structural disadvantagepopulation mobilityand immigrant population have been associated with changes in police misconduct.

Social disorganization may create a context for police misconduct because residents may not have in place the social networks necessary to organize against police malpractice.

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Many police cars are now equipped with recording systems, which can deter, document or rebut police misconduct during traffic stops. Usually, the recordings have rebutted claims of police misconduct according to a study by the International Association This cop knows how to use his authority Chiefs of Police and Community Oriented Policing Service; [14] future innovations in recording equipment could allow an officer's entire workday to be recorded.

The police departments in Pittsburgh have been trying body cameras on their officers to see both the positive and negative aspects of using body cameras. Recording by witnesses have made a significant impact on the notability and handling of police incidence, such as the Rodney King beating.

As digital recording technology usage has increased, especially using cell phones, there have been more cases of civilians capturing video of alleged police misconduct. Some police organizations such as the Fraternal Order of Police support the prosecutions. Most charges involving recording police are dropped or dismissed as courts have ruled on-duty cops in public have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

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During the G Toronto summit protestspolice enacted regulations the Ombudsman found contributed to "massive violations of civil rights. Security officers in Metrotown, Burnaby mall demanded pictures taken of an arrest be deleted from a teen's camera.

This led to a verbal confrontation and the RCMP handcuffing the teen and cutting off his backpack to search it. While the mall supports its officers actions according to the teen's lawyer: The collusion between local gangs and police officers is a serious problem in many Chinese cities.

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His crimes included bribes, rape and failing to account for assets; Wen was executed in July It is believed corruption among the Indian Police Service is pervasive and goes up to the top brass.

Notable amongst many is transfer of Kiran Bedi for giving a parking ticket to the Prime Ministers car.

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Notable instance lies in the disposal of a writ petition in the Calcutta High court WPw wherein two police officer Sub Inspector Mahesh Singh and Gautam Maulik at the instance of a lawyer Avrojyoti Das and Rahul Agarwal a businessman with influence on police, made a false diary and a false report alleging an incident at a certain time in the town, whereas the accused was altogether miles away in another city, and caused detention of an innocent for 10 day, until an upper court enlarged the innocent person on bail.

Subsequently upon the wrath of the high Court summon, the high court was informed that the culprits have been proceeded against but they were let of with very minimal punishment.

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Police misconduct has become an issue of high media attention in Norway. As a consequence of the Obiora case, training at the Norwegian Police Academy has undergone changes and national police director Ingelin Killengreen has instigated a thorough review of police methods in general. One officer employed in Oslo Police District was sentenced in to two years in prison for human traffickingembezzlement of money and weapons, as well as theft of emergency passports.

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He was acquitted on almost all charges by the regional court. Another officer had been accused of abuse of power during an arrest. This case will be retried in the regional court by order of the Supreme Court after the acquittal was appealed.

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Another case involves a female officer from Telemark Police District who was issued a fine of The most prominent case of intentional miscarriage of justice was against Fritz Moen[56] several officers appear to have manipulated timelines, threatened the accused and witnesses and made false statements to close the case.

According to a official report, 18 police officers have lost their jobs as result of misconduct since Police corruption and brutality is rampant in Russia as it is common for officers to be hired as private security on the side by businessman and Russian mafia.

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These tactics are believed to have been used against billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky to "weaken an outspoken political opponent, to intimidate This cop knows how to use his authority wealthy individuals and to regain control of strategic economic assets. The police were armed with automatic rifles and pistols. Workers at a Lonmin PLC, a platinum mine, were asking better wages. The Chicago Police Department in August initiated a " police riot " according to the Walker Report which gathered testimony on the violence surrounding the Democratic National Convention and Anti-Vietnam War protests.

Jon Burge and the torture cases that came out of his district. Department of Justice on comprehensive reforms. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina there was a spike in allegations of misconduct and in March the Justice Department published a page report that found "systemic violations of civil rights" by a NOPD that routinely failed to discipline officers involved.

In Augustfour officers were convicted of unlawfully firing on citizens then trying to cover it up with the assistance This cop knows how to use his authority a fifth investigating officer. In a number of jurisdictions, police officers have been accused of ticket fixing. Police lying under oathparticularly in drug crimes, is allegedly commonplace in certain areas; some federal grant programs such as Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program are tied to numbers, and police officers may also feel pressured to prove their productivity.

In the United Statesa person can submit a written, or in some jurisdictions a verbal, complaint to the administration of a law enforcement agency against an employee. There are four outcomes that can result from the findings of the administration: The Hong Kong and New York City police departments, both of which have had issues with police misconduct and corruption, have approached the problem in different ways.

For corruption, Hong Kong created an external agency which actually investigates corruption, while New York reviews corruption through an internal department, although the information is reported to a monitoring commission.

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New York also uses "integrity checks" in which an officer's integrity is tested through an opportunity for corruption. In the unit received complaints, of which led to indictment.

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Four police officers alone were responsible for 63 of the cases. He states that total openness will strengthen the publics confidence in the unit's integrity and impartially. This came following Dagsavisen in June publishing an overview of police cases with a deadly outcome.

The article showed that in the ten most serious cases after the establishment of the SUPA all charges against the police were eventually dropped. A buzzing media discourse focusing on deaths incurred during police arrests and transports continued in Norway throughoutand Presthus counts this as one factor triggering the initiative to publish ongoing investigations on the Internet.

The cases will be presented on the web pages of SUPA, and they will be presented in a way that preserves the anonymity of officers and other parties involved where deemed necessary.

One attempt to track misconduct is the Cato Institute 's National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, which estimates misconduct rates using newspaper reports. The Black Panther Party sought to oppose police brutality through neighborhood patrols. Police officers were often followed by armed Black Panthers, who at times came to aid African-Americans who were victims of brutality and racial prejudice.

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Groups like Copwatch continue to use the patrol method in communities, often using video cameras to document them. In a United States survey of the public's opinions on accountability in reforming police, most members of the public wanted an "early warning system" that flags officers who have received many complaints, video cameras on police cars, detailed records of police stops, and citizen review boards.

As ofthree-fourths of the United States' largest cities had citizen review boards. Early warning systems were recommended by the U.

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