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They grow up so fast earning his allowance

Gay Nude photos They grow up so fast earning his allowance.

We started giving our daughter 50p a week in pocket money two years ago when she was seven years old, because we found out all her classmates were getting an allowance. However, for that she has to set the table, clear the dishes and make her bed.

She can, however, earn extra money for certain tasks: But we are both from working class backgrounds and from a very young age we were taught that money has to be earned, so it was important to us that she learned that money doesn't grow on trees — and that "I want" doesn't get.

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We want her to appreciate that sometimes you have to make sacrifices and be considerate of other people's sacrifices too. And we don't just say "no" to her. We pay for her clothes, books, trips out, piano lessons, private tuition and birthday presents for her friends.

However, she has to save for other things she wants. She uses it a lot, more than a year later, and I think that is down to the fact she saved for it.

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She is a very generous person and a savvy shopper — she likes to shop around for a bargain. When she is tempted to make an impulse purchase with her pocket money she thinks about whether she really needs it now or can get it cheaper later.