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The gigantic mysteries

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But once you appreciate the size and scale of these massive stone sculptures you begin to wonder. Who put them here? What purpose do they have? How did they transport them across Easter Island? Stepping foot on Easter Island you will find most accommodation offerings in Hanga Roa, a short drive from the airport. I strongly recommend this as opposed to a tour bus; after all this is one of the most remote islands in the world.

I chose to drive anticlockwise, heading The gigantic mysteries along the southern coast road. You can easily circumnavigate the whole island in a day. You can view my Easter The gigantic mysteries map here.

As you approach the site from the road you will begin to see the giant heads dotted along the hillside. There are statues only partially carved out of the slopes of this volcanic crater, and others fully complete ready for transport to their final destinations.

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All but 53 of the Moai statues were carved from this tuff compressed volcanic ash. The mind boggles that humans from a stone age civilization could carve such massive statues from rock and transport them around the island, one thousand years ago. A stunning archaeological discovery was made in Maywhere archaeologists excavated around the statues to discover the Easter Island heads have bodies!

You can climb to the top of the crater from where you will get and almost degree panorama of the island. A short drive away and you will arrive at The gigantic mysteries Tongarikiwhich is the most photogenic of the statue sites.

Well lets answer the first question: So who put these statues here? The gigantic mysteries was the Rapa Nui people, Polynesians who sailed here from other pacific islands. Although other theories suggest that they could have arrived from South America.

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The colonization of Easter Island began around AD, although dates differ from archaeological evidence versus radio carbon dating. So here at Ahu Tongariki these Moai look over a flat village site.

They were made from a quarried red volcanic stone. These are actually later additions to the statues, possibly as late as the 16 th century.

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