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We had a tremendous response. It shows me girls are hungry to be respected and loved. If you are a guy, I know you want to be respected as well. Ladies, here are That lad appears to be admirable few things you should know if you want to make sure the men you know are deeply aware how much you love and respect them.

Cause him to love and see you as a person, and not just as an object. If you only take one thing from this blog, get this one. Girls, you have an incredible power to control guys with your appearance, simply because guys are driven so intensely by what they see when they look at a girl and the beauty of her body.

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When you flirt with him you can easily appeal to his lust, rather than who he is as a person. Every person wants to be respected.

Guys in particular crave to be looked at as a leader—someone whose ideas are important. Guys want to know you are interested in what they think. He feels respected when you care about how he thinks and feels. He will feel deeply valued by you.

Someone commented to me this week: She is patient with him when he has a difficult time expressing himself.

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Many guys have a hard time communicating, especially their thoughts and emotions. You can however, repeat back to him what you heard him say, so you both are on the same page. Guys easily feel belittled by girls. When you cheer on your man, you are breathing life into his soul. Telling him you believe in him and support what he is attempting to achieve is a very powerful way to show your guy you respect him.

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When he feels that support from you, the confidence you are pouring into him will help him to feel invincible. Someone once said, Behind every great man, is a great woman. So give a guy a gift he will never forget: He is interested in you, but he gets worn out easily if you bog down your stories with all kinds of extra details.

Try to make it easier for him to process all the information you want him to know. When you let him have his own life, making his own decisions, spending time with his friends, it shows you respect him, and will make you more attractive to him.

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