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Teasers on the sofa

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The silence between them beat louder than any sound. When there was so much to say, its persistence galled Maura. Words tumbled inside her head like wet clothes in a dryer.

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After all this time and everything they've done and said, she still didn't know how to fix it. What was the right thing to say? Why wasn't it coming to her? All the professional accolades and academic degrees seemed profane if they couldn't help Maura figure out what was happening with Jane.

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She retreated to the sofa, preoccupied with her thoughts, barely aware the other woman followed. Automatically she nodded and was relieved to be alone. Something within was gaining momentum.

It was a sensory interpretation, similar to creaking joints stiffening before the onset of rain, and one that she instinctively believed in. Maura leaned back into the sofa cushions and kicked off the heels that had been deforming Teasers on the sofa feet the entire day.

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Jane twisted off the beer cap and swallowed until foam filled the bottleneck. At Maura's raised eyebrows, Jane asked, "I was…thirsty.

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Maura closed her eyes and turned her head to the side. Before answering, she took a deep breath then resolutely looked into Jane's tempestuous eyes.

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Every day I had to fight my feelings. You'd move your hair over one shoulder, or wear all black, or smile because of something you saw, or laughed…whatever you do—whatever you say-however you look, it touches something inside of me and it keeps growing. You're always with me, Jane.