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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Games marked N0I2 will not work on the That i why overpeople have joined Special Reserve, the biggest games club In the World! Overseas orders must be paid by credit card.

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Thought of the month: Dying to take a look? Pressure sensitive painting 1 22 Cordless styluses are not new, but now the Amiga has soft- ware to support them. We show you how it all works.

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Super hi-res colour monitors 1 28 Get the whole picture as we test five new hi-res monitors. Al RAM expansions 1 32 Increase your machine's memory and double its speed too! Proper Grammar How you can get to grips with writing pro prose.

Seven Amiga 1 RAM expansions tested. Find out which is the best way to add memory to your A in our com- prehensive round-up See page 1 Find out on page Having trouble dis- playing all those new screen modes on your old 1 ?

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Then take a look at this batch of new multi and dual sync monitors. Pressure sensitivity Hand drawn effects are notoriously diffi- cult to obtain with most computer graphics packages.

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Unless they're pres- sure sensitive that is. Find out which are on page If you're after acid rave sonics and psychedelic visu- als, or you just want a bunch of great cheap soft- ware, turn now to page Your game released by Vivid Image Software. A Panasonic laserwriter or dot-matrix printer.

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A feature packed video editing studio. A day in a professional recording studio. Welcome Amig After months and months of speculation and rumour. Commodore have finally revealed their follow up to CDTV. The new unit, rather than being a home interactive multi- player, is a CD-based AGA console, as we predicted way back in December of last year.

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But what does the new unit mean? It means a more secure financial future for Commodore, it means more and better AGA games for all Amiga owners, and it means that the A will have a CD drive early next year. In short it is a good thing for all. Turn now to page 1 2 and get a first glimpse of the fabulous new Amiga CD This, as you may already realise is our 50th issue. To celebrate this golden anniver- sary we are taking a look back at our favourite 50 Amiga products of all time.

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Whether they be hardware or software, seri- ous or games. We've rooted through our cupboards, dug out a host of our favourite products, then sat down and argued at length about which were the best, and why. Find out what our conclusions were on page 27 of this issue. If you were at last year's show you will remem- ber that there was a lot of excitement about the consoles, and this year Amiga CD 32 will be creating a stir all of its own.

So to make sure the Amiga doesn't get overlooked we've arranged a series of competitions to prove how great a creative computer it is. So if you are a wiz with video, game design, music or graphics, turn now to page 48, and take a look at some of the fantastic prizes you can win. All these prizes will be presented at the Future Entertainment Show.

So get creative, and get your entries in. Addictive and very nostalgic! Ever wanted a music program that was as simple or complicated as you wished? This demo of Electronic Art's latest contender is Tate 3rd and mario hj bj poke of the easiest music program's we've yet seen. Full instructions on page 6. Although it appears a little primitive, the gameplay is truly excellent. It's like playing an early arcade machine that never really existed!

Blast your way up the high score table, but do read the instructions on page 1 before you begin your campaign for intergalactic domination. AMOS Interface There has always been a problem for AMOS programmers - you can't easily make your programs work the same way as professional Workbench 2 utilities, simply because the commands there are not quite Tate 3rd and mario hj bj poke to it.

Until now that is - Paul Firth must have spent ages getting this library of window, icon and gadget routines just right. Instructions are on page 8. It's all very easy unwrapping your little disk from its cellophane bag and sticking it straight into the drive, but if you really want to get the most out of your Coverdisk, then check out Pat McDonalds advice. In order to use the Coverdisk, you will need any 1Mb Amiga.

Turn it on, insert the Coverdisk, and. It does this because on some machines you have to load the game before you can load Workbench. If you type "y" or "Y" and hit return, the game will load it takes about 30 seconds. In order to do this, all you have to do is move the mouse pointer shaped like a frog over to the Coverdisk icon, and click twice with the left mouse button.

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A window will open, showing the contents of the Coverdisk. Although you can quit out of the docu- ments and the demo, it is a good idea to reset the Amiga between the programs - hold down the Ctrl key and the two keys either side of the space bar. Easy when you know how! It is ille- gal to use or alter these files for other purposes without the express written permis- sion of Electronic Arts.

So leave them alone! Il may seem daunting at first, especially if you cannot read sheet music. However, the idea is that you pick up such knowledge by messing around with the demo. Because it can play back scores visually as well. There's nothing to stop you from entering existing sheet music into the demo, hut you can't save any musical scores on to disk because the save function has been disahled.

If it wasn't, people might be tempted not to gel the Tate 3rd and mario hj bj poke commercial version. The basics of controlling it arc fairly Amiga stan- dard. Moving the mouse pointer over certain areas causes it to change. For instance, if you move il OVtl the music stave, the mouse pointer looks like a note.

Clicking with the left mouse button will select a change. Move it over the scores and it puts down a note, pull the pointer over the play button and the music will play. The righi mouse button is used for selecting options from the overhead menus.

Just hold it down, move the mouse to highlight the option you want, and let go. Tate 3rd and mario hj bj poke example score is provided, called Baricades Mistcricuses.

Then move down the menu until Open Score is highlighted. Let go of the mouse button, and double click on the Baricades Mistcricuses name.

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