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Gay Nude gallery Straight pornstars turned gay.

Porn stars have the best jobs in the world—getting paid to have sex with women all day! Many porn actors suffer abuse on and off set.

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These personal accounts are never pretty. The men in porn appear as though they are dominant and in control, but behind the scenes, they are usually victims of the same harsh conditions and harmful situations.

The only money I had was from grants, scholarships, and student loans. After tuition and housing, I barely had money to feed myself and I wanted to stay in Los Angeles and look for a job.

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It seemed like the easy cash that I needed. Eventually, those videos moved into videos with other men.

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The model scout gave me the feeling that it was glamorous and people would like me for the videos. He made me kind of think that it was a form of success.

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I felt like a sex slave! I felt trapped with no way out. I just kind of let my mind blank out during those times because I did NOT like what I was doing at all.

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Soon, I caught Chlamydia and it terrified me. Little did I know that it would be a boulder that would chain me to the ground for years.

I would tell someone thinking of doing porn that it really is like a drug. After the high, comes massive withdrawals that will eventually lead to either depression, or a search for a new drug to fill the hole that porn has cut into you.

Then,gay men became a minority...

Porn is a very selfish industry and few realize just how narcissistic one must be to do well in the business. No one cares about you, just what you can do for them.

The industry ironically is not sexy at all. They Straight pornstars turned gay me not to say anything or they would kill me. In the lifestyle that I grew up there was a lot of sex, drugs, and parties. I was never the same after the rapes, and at eight years old I began to look for gay porn on the internet. By age 16, I needed money so a family member began shopping me around to gay porn filmmakers to get me into gay porn.

I was told to take diet pills and crystal meth to Straight pornstars turned gay weight so I could look more feminine for gay and transsexual jobs. Being in gay porn was very risky.

I have known porn actors who also alter their test. They used me in their scam Straight pornstars turned gay about two years. Behind the scenes, they are not happy. All of us adult stars hide behind our persona when we are on camera but when the camera is done filming, we go home and we are miserable. All that for the possibility of contracting a deadly disease and infecting others in the process because testing is only every 30 days.

I paid my rent with drugs and made more money than I ever did in a porno. I had as many as 12 people a day buying drugs from me. I rode my bicycle to keep the traffic low and met everyone at the same spot three times a day. It worked flawlessly and destroyed a lot of lives.

It made me want to rip his head off.

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The director wanted the money shot or he would have to call us all back for another day. It starts out fun for pretty much everyone… But it was Straight pornstars turned gay me Straight pornstars turned gay and turning me into a monster.

I was in the game long enough to watch it happen to dozens of people, from talent to crew to journalists. I was one of them. She knew me from recently being on my show. I just did my first interracial gang bang! This girl was barely 18 and fresh out of high school. Part of fighting for love is spreading awareness on the harms of the porn industry, and the lives that it destroys.

Then,gay men became a minority...

Clicking pornography is contributing to the demand for more stories like these to happen to real people. We are always looking for powerful personal accounts. If you or someone you know has been involved in the porn industry, please reach out to us.

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