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It evaded two torpedoes and dropped depth charges in return. No one was hit or harmed in the "incident" but it generally considered the first firefight between the US and Germany of what would become WWII.

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One week later President Roosevelt ordered all US Naval Vessels to attack any ship that that attacked or threatened a US ship or any foreign vessel under escort. Polonius and Claudius send Ophelia to talk to Hamlet to see how he responds to her.

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They wanted to find out if Hamlet truly was mad because of his love for Ophelia. Hamlet asks whether it is better to live or not to live. Should people suffer with what is going on around them or should they fight?

He says that the only reason he and other people are not committing suicide is because they are scared of what might happen to them after death.

The king's view has changed. He does not believe that the madness was caused by his love for Ophelia. He realizes that Sneakers scene 1 is clever and could be up to something. He could think that Hamlet knew that Polonius and he were spying on him with Ophelia.

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I think the psychological climax Sneakers scene 1 in the last scene of the play. Throughout the playHamlet has struggled with himself about his reaction to the Ghost's revelations and command to take revenge on King Claudius; he has called himself a coward, passed up a chance to kill the King, and blamed himself for not being decisive. But in the last scene, after having a premonition that the fencing match with Laertes might mean his death, Hamlet seems suddenly to achieve a kind of serenity.

He says to Horatio:. If it be now, 'tis Sneakers scene 1 to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come: The terminology is as broad as a cloud belt.

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First of all incident could have many meanings, a crime, natural disaster, accident involving a pipe failure, etcf. The term First Responder is usually applied to paramedical services such as ambulance crews and often firemen. The Incident Commander is an officer in Sneakers scene 1 who has overall oversight of the incident.

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