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Seed money pt three of 4

Gay xXx Photo Galleries Seed money pt three of 4.
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And we want to be part of it! What is Grupara's Investment Focus?

"(3) Use of seed money.—...

We are a group of enthusiastic people who are willing to help our portfolio startups to grow. Because we believe in equality: I got to know Aryo in when he became investor in my company. Aryo is a very hands-on, resourceful and knowledgable character who always wants to understand how he can help and support everyone - not only founders - in the startup ecosystem.

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Sebagai VC Aryo Ariotedjo memberikan pandangan yang quite fresh yet up to date tentang strategi dan tren tech communities. Selain itu knowledge nya soal metric what to measure is really helpful. Aryo Ariotedjo itu orang yg sangat passionate di dunia bisnis digital.

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Sangat up-to-date ttg segala sesuatu yg terjadi di industri ini. Kekuatan terbesar Aryo adalah dia memiliki komunikasi yg baik dan kedekatan personal dengan berbagai pihak di industri ini.

an early stage venture capital...

Memiliki perspektif yg baik sebagai entrepreneur dan VC. Aryo Ariotedjo is one the leading connectors in the startup ecosystem in Indonesia and one of the hardest working investors. The way he supports the founders he invests in, in opening doors to other co-investors and in business development, is remarkable.

He will make things happen, that other's won't.

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