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Preserve S and st nutrients for your animals with the best crop intake. The swing-arm feed unit steers the rakes and deposits the crop smoothly into the loading unit. The twin tines stay in contact with the crop until the best position is reached.

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Only then is the crop placed in the loading unit. This maintains crop structure and the necessary nutrients. The optimal cutting unit of the Tigo loader wagon increases feed efficiency even further.

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With up to 33 knives and variable chopping lengths, the chopping unit, together with the twin tines, provides highly precise chopping. The perfectly chopped crop is easily prepared for the next stage in harvesting.

Feed efficiency is guaranteed, along with crop-friendly treatment. With the Tigo S you can enjoy long durability and low maintenance.

The machine has been designed with as few moving parts as possible. This reduces wear on parts and materials.

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It also guarantees low and predictable operational costs for a long period of time. There is a loader wagon for every circumstance.

The Tigo S comes in several types and models, each with its own specific features. S and st of the wagons are designed to protect valuable nutrients and crop structure. They also guarantee great chopping for higher crop density in the next stage of harvesting.

For a long lifespan and maximum safety Achieve the optimal lifespan and quality of your machines and opt for the Original spare parts. All parts are carefully put together S and st the time of development based on quality, performance, sustainability and ease of use.

Retaining nutrients with no unnecessary damage to crops.

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Contact Technical documents Brochures. For efficient swing-arm loading.

St. Luke's Hospital in Chesterfield,...

Crop friendly for excellent feed quality. They mean the same thing, it's just a different naming convention.

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U = S = x dimension V = T = y dimension. Homepage for Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

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