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I check the time on the wall and I paled. My boss is going to kill me today. As I check the hanger for the clothes I had set for earlier, my mind wanders to the reason I woke up late.

I had a midnight date with my Vibrator and fucked myself with it for hours. My sister must have worn my clothes again! I grumble in annoyance.

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I open my box and pull out the first thing that came to my grasp. I wore it and rushed to the fridgegrab a box of juice, gulp and fling the carton. I rush out of the compound and lock the gate.

I hastily drop the keys into my bag and almost sprint to the bus stop. I rush inside the bus with another guy, and we almost collided. I hiss in anger and he smugly took the last seat. I stood inside, angry. I heave in frustrationmy goodness.

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It is a long bus and it takes time to get full. Breeze from the window is blowing and its making the the dress ride almost to the top of my thighs. I could see some women snigger as I try to hold it down.

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I stand there for a moment of indecision. Then I felt hands gently touch me. I look into the eyes of a seemingly handsome gentleman.

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His gaze is penetrating. The seat is by the window and I tried to bury my embarrassment by looking out of the window. I know people will talk and snicker. The next bus still hasn't gotten a single passenger and I thank God for the man.

I gave a tiny nod. I began to think about how nonsensical my day has been. The bus started moving I began to feel a bulge underneath my ass. I gently shifted, but the bulge continued to grow and get harder. I shifted again to dodge it, but it followed me everywhere. I want to die. Twin feelings of lust and indignation rose in me.

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He chuckled and used his palms to press me harder on his crotch. That move is mad, insane and dirty.

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I felt lust slam into me at his dominance. Slowly and steadily, he gently re-arranged my skirt till it spread and covered our moves. I wonder at the person sitting next to us. The hum of the bus lull me and the wind on my face makes me crave it more. He gently shifts Rubbing bulges feels so messy thong aside and slips one finger into me, fast. I am still dry and I felt a slight pain. He didn't relent and soon started slipping his finger in my cunt.

I begin to hear that faint sound a wet cunt makes when you screw it with a finger.

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I start to get wet and more aroused. He slipped another finger in and it went in easily. I almost cried out in pleasure.

He alternated between fingering me and squeezing my clit to a almost painful point. I have not been this horny in my life. We are in public. He rolled the nub of my clit between his fingers wetly and the combination of this humiliating situation and my sexual frustration is making me combust. My pussy creamed more and I wish I was fucking him.

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All sane thought left my brain. I began to undulate on his fingers and he held me back. The bus lurched into traffic and idled. He chuckled because this just bought him more time and I felt suddenly fuller as he slid in the third finger. And filled me to the brim. Currently an Author, Blogger and Nutritionist.

I love to read, write and listen to music. I epitomize an Intelligent mind. Rubbing bulges feels so messy clicking again you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to data transfer policy. The bus started moving. I take my bath in a rush. No hot water today.

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I scrub my body like a rug. I come out of the bathroom, naked and shivering and I run down the corridor to my room. No one else is at home after all. You have successfully subscribed to receive the pulse. Submit your stories now via social or: Pastor apologizes for hiding truth about dead man he allegedly resurrected Published Last Monday at Lagos govt declares Friday, public holiday for schools Published Last Monday at 8: Watch Guy rubbing against secretary satin panties online on YouPorn is the largest Panties porn video site with the hottest.

I rubbed him a little with my leg. He felt so good.

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I could only imagine just how good that thing would feel inside me. I was ready They came upon that big bulge. My insides tumbled around and around, and lust screamed for it to get messy.

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