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The teen pregnancy rate has reached an all-time low. Fewer teens are drinking alcoholhaving sex or working part-time jobs. And as I found in a newly released analysis of seven large surveysteens are also now less likely to drive, date or go out without their parents than their counterparts 10 or 20 years ago.

Some have tried to explain certain aspects of these trends.

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However, none of these researchers and writers has been able to tie everything together. Nor is more schoolwork: The average teen today spends less time on homework than his counterparts did in the s, with time spent on extracurricular activities staying about the same.

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Working, driving, drinking alcohol, having sex and dating have one thing in common: They are all activities adults do. This generation of teens, then, is delaying the responsibilities and pleasures of adulthood.

Is growing up slowly good...

Adolescence — once the beginning of adulthood — now seems to be an extension of childhood. They could simply be taking longer to grow up. This is a good description of our current culture in the U.

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As a result, kids needed to fend for themselves sooner. When my uncle told me he went skinny-dipping with his friends when he was eight, I wondered why his parents gave him permission.

His parents had six other children with one more to comeran a farm and it was The parents needed to focus on day-to-day survival, not making sure their kids had violin lessons by age five. The entire developmental path from infancy to full adulthood has slowed. But like any adaptation, the slow life strategy has trade-offs.

But what about when they go to college and suddenly enter an environment where sex and alcohol are rampant? For example, although fewer year-olds now binge-drink, to year-olds still binge-drink at roughly the same rate as they have since the s.

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One study found that teens who rapidly increased their binge-drinking were more at risk of alcohol dependence and adjustment issues than those who learned to drink over a longer period of time. Delaying exposure to alcohol, then, could make young adults less prepared to deal with drinking in college. Employers worry that more young employees lack the ability to work independently.

The key is to make sure that teens eventually get the opportunity to develop the skills they will need as adults: For parents, this might mean making a concerted effort to push your teenagers out of the house more. Otherwise, they might just want to live with you forever.

A different culture, a slower...

Science Festival — Egham, Surrey. Displaying the Bayeux Tapestry, now and then — York, York. Available editions United Kingdom. A different culture, a slower path Working, driving, drinking alcohol, having sex and dating have one thing in common: Is growing up slowly good or bad?

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