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William Keene, Raw beginners nineteen epidemiologist with Oregon Public Healthsaid the two adults had both consumed raw milk from Foundation Farm, including one person who continued to drink it after being warned about the outbreak. Nineteen others were infected with E. One of the worst foodborne pathogens, E.

H7 was on rectal swabs from two of the farm's four cows.

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Milk and manure from the farm also tested positive for the same bacteria. State epidemiologists did not test for campylobacter or cryptosporidium so they don't know for sure that the two new cases are linked to Foundation Farm milk, but Keene said it's likely. Cryptosporidium and campylobacter repeatedly turn up in raw milk, he Raw beginners nineteen, along with other harmful bacteria.

Four children who drank the milk were hospitalized with acute kidney failure, which is associated with E. As of Friday, they were still in the hospital, Keene said. Two of the patients -- 14 and 13 -- are Portland area middle schoolers.

The others are 3 and 1 years old. A fifth child from Lane County, who drank the milk while visiting relatives in the Portland area, was hospitalized and released.

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Foundation Farm, located on five acres in the Stafford area, had a herd-share operation for a least a year, selling parts of cows to 48 families. In return, they had regular access to the raw milk.

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Brad Salyers, owner of the farm, has not returned calls seeking comment. He provided Oregon health officials with contact information for the families and advised them of the outbreak.

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Health officials also interviewed most of the families. They were surprised that one person continued to drink the milk even after being advised that it was contaminated. Keene said the second patient went looking for a new source.

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