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By the way when they did an autopsy on John Wayne Mr. Macho himself 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter was removed from his death inducing cancerous colon. Animal fats lodge in the folds and pockets of our intestines.

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Carnivores have smooth intestinal linings and do not have these problems. Elvis reportedly had 60 pounds. Vegetarian groups employ this horror story to demonstrate that a meat-based diet is both unnatural and unhealthy for human beings.

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It is possible for fecal matter to become impacted and lodge in the digestive system. In most cases, the colon tissues eventually stretch so that stool can push its Raw bathroom pound around the impacted matter and be evacuated.

If this condition continues too long, however, the colon can stretch to the point that its nerves are no longer capable of receiving signals effectively, and the afflicted person loses voluntary control over the contraction of his bowel muscles and becomes incontinent.

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He refused to allow doctors to adminster an enema, fled the hospital, and returned a week later in severe pain and bleeding from his rectum. This time the doctors operated to remove the impacted feces.

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How much fecal matter did they remove? Half a kilogram, or a little over a pound.

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No matter what the medical possibilities might be, the prototypical John Wayne example is still a demonstrable lie: No autopsy was performed on John Wayne when he succumbed to cancer in Wayne did undergo surgery for an intestinal blockage about a month before his death, but that blockage was caused by the spread of the cancer that was killing him, not by an accumulation of waste products.

According to an account based on the report by the four Raw bathroom pound who performed the post-mortem examination of the entertainer:.

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It was filled with white, chalklike fecal material. In other words, the locomotive action of the bowel quits working, so it gets packed with food, and then it gets packed with Raw bathroom pound food. And it sits there distended and full of food, and that causes the colon to stretch. The point is, however, that no one soberly considering these issues should allow himself to be influenced by the type of propagandistic misinformation contained in Internet anecdotes such as these.

The Unmaking of Elvis Presley.

Little, Brown and Co. The Death of Elvis: Little, Brown and Company, John Wayne, My Father.

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