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Pool party plus

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The sun is shining and the temperature is just right to start planning your next pool party. Make a splash at your next poolside get-together with this top 10 pool party ideas Pool party plus. You can also maximize convenience and relaxation with a drink float. These inflatable holders can keep your favorite beverages close by so you can soak up your drink while you soak up the sun.

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Also, make sure you have personal floatation devices at the ready. Life vestswater wings and kick boards are great for kids and inexperienced swimmers.

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Amp up the entertainment with wireless speakers ; there are even waterproof, floating models that allow you to take your tunes into the pool.

Bring surround sound to the party grounds by setting up a few speakers in different areas around the pool. Pool party plus way, whether you are grabbing food, playing yard games or going for a swim, the music will be heard.

When the sun goes down, make sure you party on respectfully and be mindful of your nighttime Pool party plus level. Decorations can be fun and really elevate your pool party. Colored straws, paper products, garlands and lanterns can all help keep your party on-theme.

Bring the Caribbean to your celebration with tropical accessories like paper drink umbrellas.

Consider the time of day, too. Decorations are important, but having the pool prepped is crucial, so make sure you check your pool chemicals in advance, skim the pool before guests arrive and have extra filters on hand to keep the water clean and ready for fun.

Games and activities are a surefire way to liven up any pool party. Plus, guests of all ages can get into the action. Let your inner-child out for the day, get your hair wet and Pool party plus fun!

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Pool games like poolside basketball, beach balls and mini pool balls are all crowd favorites, too. Or take a break from the water with lawn games like cornhole, badminton, Spikeball, bocce and more.

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Many guests bring their own towels to parties, but make sure you have plenty of extras just in case. Position it on the grass for comfort or on the edge of the pool for a cooling toe dip.

You can even layer up your towels for maximum comfort! Less fidgeting in your chair means more time to relax. And finally, make sure you have towel racks, or something that guests can hang their wet towels.

Having a cooler is essential for the obvious: Serve up smaller snacks that everyone can eat, no matter what the state of your fingertips.

Keep paper towels or beach towels near the food station so guests can dry their hands before diving into the snack pile. Grilled goodies that are easy to grab, like sliders or fruit and veggie skewers, are also pool party food favorites.

You can also bring the pool party fun to Pool party plus snack bar with themed treats like lifesavers or goldfish served in a fishbowl. You can also color code your drink cups or use a marker to write your name to help keep track of your beverages.

And make sure to use plastic dishware near the pool to avoid broken glass yikes! Pool party plus

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Insulated bottles, tumblers, koozies or cups can help ensure your drinks stay as chill as you Pool party plus. Umbrellas are great for smaller spaces or perched in the center of a dining table, while canopies can offer more shade to more people because they come in a variety of sizes.

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You can even color coordinate them with your theme or Pool party plus some team pride with an officially licensed umbrella or canopy. Set up pop-up tables under your canopy to keep your food out of direct sunlight. Keeping your cooler under shade can also help prevent your ice from melting faster.

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For a pool party, water-resistant sunscreen may be best. Planning ahead and paying attention to small details can take your average pool party to the next level.

Combine all the items on this list like floats, games, music and food for the ultimate pool party. And last, but certainly not least, enjoy! Have at least two coolers — one for adult beverages and one for soda, water and other drinks.

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There are coolers that actually float in the water so you can grab a drink without having to call fives on your float. No one likes warm watermelon.

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Eating chilled fruits, veggies and other snacks after taking a dip in the pool Pool party plus be beyond satisfying on a hot day.

Keep coolers in the shade to help keep the ice from melting faster. Hey there curvy Pool party plus, We are so thankful for the many designers and retailers that provided plus size women with great swim wear options. Thank you Gabby. Pictures and videos from a recent plus-size pool party which have been uploaded onto social media have left a number of users wondering if.

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