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Particular delivery three

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Delivery days and rescheduling: Only weekdays, excluding public holidays.

What ways can my order...

To skip a delivery day, call one day in advance, before 4pm. Quite accommodating — I managed to request for boneless fish and non-spicy. Disposable, microwaveable containers for the dishes, and Styrofoam boxes for Particular delivery three rice. I could choose to rate the food as well.

The three-dishes-and-a-soup package generally included a veggie dish, two meaty dishes like fried chicken and dumplings and a soup.

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The portions were more than sufficient for one small eater and one big eater. Surprisingly, I preferred the meatless dishes and the soups because the flavours Particular delivery three lighter, and they have a knack of keeping the veggies crunchy and vibrant. I also always slurped up every last drop of soup! My favourites were the stir-fry of sliced potatoes and green peas, and the pumpkin soup with shredded chicken. I thought tingkats would be boring but I ended up really enjoying the deliveries.

The service is halal certified.

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To skip a delivery day, call two days in advance. Soups are always packed in a sealed, large plastic cup. The dishes were a mix of hits and misses: Veggies and chicken dishes were mostly tasty, but Particular delivery three fish options were disappointing. Anything crumbed or battered did not hold well and turned soggy.

What I liked was that the dishes were cooked with little or no processed ingredients, nor were they oily or greasy. The better dishes had that home-cooked flavour to them. The variety was good, with seafood, veggies, and chicken on the daily menu.

The soups throughout the week tasted vaguely similar, and except for the winter melon soup, lacked the character of the main ingredient. This service was quite strong in terms of variety and its veggies and chicken dishes.

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To skip a delivery day, call one day in advance Special dietary requests: Microwaveable containers for the dishes, and styrofoam boxes for the rice. The portions were huge. The daily menu balanced the mix of proteins, carbs and veggies well. I am usually Particular delivery three to high salt and MSG content in hawker food, so I was pleased to notice that the tingkat meals did not leave me bloated or thirsty. I enjoyed all the veggie dishes, and I loved the fish dishes.

The meat Particular delivery three always tender, and the generous sauces were flavoursome without being overbearingly spicy.

But the one-person packages would be perfect for my fiance. To skip a delivery day, call one day in advance, before 11am. Quite accommodating — you can request for non-spicy food, or for boneless fish.

Only microwave packaging for one-person packages and lunch packages. I was glad that the dishes were flavourful without being overly reliant on seasoning.

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The soups and meat dishes, in particular, tasted home-cooked, and were tasty. I loved the steamed fish with ginger, as the fish was cooked just right and the ginger taste was not overpowering.

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The pear and white fungus soup in pork broth was quite an unusual combination too. There was usually some processed food, like hot dogs, which I did not mind since it was just one dish out of four. However, the vegetable dishes were a little disappointing. I liked the flavours of the dishes, if only they had put more thought into the veggie dishes.

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