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Oliver Furrer projects gallery news shop links contact sitemap. Sitemap Oliver Furrer Oliver Furrer has specialised in aerial stunts and photography since During his career he has won several skydiving world champion titles and succeeded in breaking miscellaneous world records.

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He played a major role in different commercials and today successfully produces his own films. Oliver is based in Switzerland and shares with you the passion for flying adventures and professional photography. There Oliver hardcore enjoyment nothing that beats the experience of floating freely through the sky like a bird!

Even with more than fifteen years of experience, Oliver is still addicted to the thrills of skydiving with its many disciplines. Check it out all the YouTube videos about skydiving and there different disciplines. Many large magazines printed different interesting articles about him as World Champion and Record holder. He and his world-class team of skydivers are pleased to introduce you to a wide range of services.

Get in contact with Oliver Furrer and he will open Oliver hardcore enjoyment door to the skydiving world for you! Over the years it attracted more and more people and in the first competition was held.

During the world meet in Germany, Rob Harris set new standards by presenting techniques such as flying upside down, fast spins and complicated transitions at the highest level of perfection. In the first competition was held.

Each team consists of two athletes: The surfer performs a number of demanding figures such as sliding, spinning, and twisting. The camera flyer records the performance with a helmet-mounted camcorder.

The event was witnessed live by ' fans together with the stars of the Fantastic Four: The video feeds from the cameramen Tom Sanders and David Clem Major, were broadcasted live, along with interviews, to 80 Mio viewers. For several photo shootings he had the opportunities to Oliver hardcore enjoyment this nice sky-sport into the spotlight.

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