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Nice looking bushy

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The filled-in, heavily drawn on, shaded brows are overdone. Who is with me?

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A more natural eyebrow looks casual, chicand scruffy. Plus, it just looks cool.

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It still gives you all the good face framing work that we appreciate. Hairy eyebrows are one thing, but feral eyebrows are quite another.

Let me tell you, those scruffy, untamed brows were the star of the show. They were the eyebrows of a disheveled, drunk uncle at a wedding. Nonetheless, I loved them.

However, making them look full and messy so is much easier than you think. The Nice looking bushy to this look is hair. Try to make the most of the hair you have, and make it take up as much space as possible, without having to fill in hairs.

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To do so, you want a thickening, paste-y substance. Then, using an angled brush and your powder of choice, lightly brush over your hairs.

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Try not to touch the skin. You can add some thin, hair like, vertical lines right at the start of each brow, especially if you want to increase fluffiness there.

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Plus, it gives a really wild, bushy look. Straight edges are a no. Because I am a regular human, I did!

However, I tried to keep it quite bare. Your eyebrows are clearly the star of this show.