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Naked studs with penises sticking straight out

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Exactly how big his penis is, you ask?

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He said it is 9. Read the entire interview here. What about you, guys? Did you have sex with the guy and if so, what was it like? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below. I could do nothing but blow kisses!

This blackguy I fooled around with was 10in,by 6. Mine is only 8 inches. The biggest toy I ever had all the way in me was 12 inches. I will never forget it. I was in a bookstore in Winston Salem NC sometime back in the early nineties. I was in a booth that had a glory hole. I am siting there watching the movie stroking my dick and this enormous black cock enters the glory hole. It was well over a foot long and about as thick as my wrist.

So big, that the guy probably misses out on some things.

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I sucked him off. Licking and sucking the head of his huge dick because the head was about all that would fit in my mouth. When he shot his wad, he shot so much cum he filled my mouth up. I have seen plenty of guys in the 8 to 10 range but this one was HUGE. It absolutely looked like it and hard as a rock. Thankfully, it curved downward slightly, so Naked studs with penises sticking straight out my knees I took every bit down my throat licked his balls with his It was amazing though somewhat limiting — I had to remain in control of sucking him because if I went too fast, or if he started slamming it down my throat, I actually gagged a little, which I almost never do, and am not fond of doing.

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I have only truly seen 2 that were remarkably enormous. No joke, this guy was sitting completely upright and the tip of it was touching his nipple. My guess would be a true Once I was able to try to find him….

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The other time, I went home with the most gorgeous man on the planet. He went to take a shower and due to too many drinks, I was on the verge of passed out.

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The next morning, I awoke to him walking out of the shower and there hung the thickest, longest penis I had ever seen. He described the night to me, including the fact that even though I was completely out, my body responded in kind to every thrust. Save all the date rape comments, I already consented when sober, but I have sought out as well as acted upon recreating the same scenarios with others.

He, however, is the biggest I have ever had.

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I have no reason to doubt either size as I saw them naked regularly. There was this guy whose dick was actually used in one of the old ads that use to display on adam years ago. He dick was like an Arizona tea can, he still wanted to bottom tho. After he gave me a facial that almost killed me! It was on a black dude. The circumference is thus about One I sucked and the other I sucked and got my ass fucked with it.

It took a while to really loosen my ass up to take him in but I Naked studs with penises sticking straight out did. It was a combination of pleasure and pain the whole time but if I had to do it all over again I would grab my ankles in a heartbeat! Well once while I was running at a old park I met this very tall hot younger man.

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We ran together for awhile. I needed to pee so he said he knew a spot just off running path. Well we got there as I pulled it out to pee he did also dam. It was very long Naked studs with penises sticking straight out watched as he peed.

I made a comment asked how long he said he thought about 12 inches. He like my huge balls so after a bit of touch we both got there. We went back to his place and had some very hot exploring oral fun. He said he had a hard time buying shorts since most of them his penis would pop out of. We became FWB not anal not with that tool lol.

He had a helluva bulge. He and his younger partner, Bob, invited me to a threesome.

Bob was normal size, Ned had thirteen inches and as big around as my wrist. The head was like a large plum. I am a big guy, but I could hardly get my mouth open wide enough to take it in. Bob was satisified and went to another bed to sleep.

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Then I started fucking Ned. Turns out he was a pretty insatiable bottom.