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Because we are so dedicated to our craft, we kept it up non-stop, Maverickmen videos out his throat and making him gag and choke. We thought jerking off on his tongue and making him eat it would be the festive thing to do and it worked great for me and hunter, but Josh needed more release.

So, we had him keep stroking till he shot his load all over the ouija board. I just came across this video of Benny G beating off. He got horned up again after we fucked his muscle ass for an hour or so. I had to cut down this video because he must have jerked that cock for forty Maverickmen videos before he finally came, lol.

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I thought the slow-mo was kinda hot plus it makes it easier for you to see how he beats it, cums, and then continues to beat it non-stop to and cum again. You can see by the determined look of ecstasy on his face hahah Maverickmen videos loved it.

Hunter and I had not seen each other in a few months when we shot this. He had some out of town stuff Maverickmen videos do and when he got back all he wanted was to work my cock till I exploded.

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And man, did he ever! The poor puppy looked like a gooey glazed donut after I blasted. We love you guys and always love hearing from you.