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Most clinicians who work with law enforcement officers will tell you that the experience can be a little different.

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Sometimes, it seems to incorporate elements of a spy thriller. First, the call from the unknown number. Then, the interrogation from the unidentified caller, asking about your experience with cops, your ability to keep secrets and if you are in any way affiliated with the department.

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James Bond must be on the other end of the phone. Law enforcement officers are a special population like military and paramilitary personnel and other first responders who experience coexisting medical and behavioral health issues with links to job-related stressors. According to a Married cops do study published by researcher John Violanti with the University at Buffalo invarious factors contribute to the very serious physical and mental health concerns experienced by many law enforcement officers.

This special population often presents with higher rates of depression, substance abuse and suicide than does the general public. As time goes on, the sand increases in volume. Without the proper tools to remove it, the weight can become Married cops do. In fact, in some cases, the sand becomes so heavy that it can collapse officers. Research suggests that officer rates of completed suicides are three times higher than in the general population.