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The account, Man s dril author, and the character associated with the tweets are all commonly referred to as dril the handle without the at sign or wint the account's display nameboth rendered lowercase but often capitalized by others. Since his first tweet indril has become a popular and influential Twitter user with more than one million followers.

The character associated with dril is highly distinctive, often described as a bizarre reflection of a typical male American Internet user. Other social media users have repurposed dril's tweets for humorous or satiric effect in a variety of political and cultural contexts. Many of dril's tweets, phrases, and tropes have become familiar parts of Internet slang. The author behind dril remained unknown for years, with the few available Man s dril about the author's life fueling speculation about his identity.

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Indril's author was " doxxed " in other words, his identity was exposed in a post that went viral and received media attention. After the doxxing, many Twitter users Man s dril journalists preferred to preserve dril's pseudonymity out of respect for the author's personal privacy and the character's mystique.

Beyond tweeting, dril has created animated short films and contributed illustrations and writing to other artists' collaborative projects. Ten Years" Anniversary Collectionis a compilation of the account's "greatest hits" Man s dril new illustrations. Writers have praised dril for the originality and humor of his tweets; for example, the poet Patricia Lockwood called dril "a master of tone [and] character," [1] and The A.

Club dubbed him "arguably the most iconic Twitter account in the history of social media. Before the Twitter account, dril was a poster at the Something Awful forums under the name "gigantic drill".

Sep 15 [dril 1]. Initially, little was known about the anonymous author of the dril account. On November 16,a Tumblr post identifying dril's author by his real name went viral.

The Tumblr post was described by the press as a " doxing ": The strange thing is that the unmasking caused only a relatively small shockwave.

It's telling that @dril —...

Everyone decided to pretend that nothing had happened. Protect dril, respect dril, leave dril alone,' a fan tweeted. Nobody really wants to know who is making compulsive nonsense from his keyboard on the other side of the computer screen.

The author addressed the doxing on his Patreon page, writing "everything's normal. The author behind the dril account writes in character. Critics have described dril's voice as an amalgamation of ordinary Internet users, most of all those who are arrogant, ignorant, or hapless. According to The A.

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Club ' s Clayton Purdom, dril is a sort of patron saint of Internet users, or "your uncle's search history come to life and filtered through a scabrous comic sensibility, and In a lecture given at the University of PennsylvaniaAmerican poet Patricia Lockwood Man s dril dril as a literary alter ego of Twitter users and the Internet in general. Comparing the account's persona to Ignatius J. Reilly, the protagonist of John Kennedy Toole 's novel A Confederacy of DuncesLockwood cited dril as an example of new possibilities in first-person narrative that could Man s dril explored online.

Lockwood said of dril:. He is a master of tonehe is a master of character ; his accidents are not accidents and his spelling mistakes are not mistakes. His character is the anonymous psycho of the comments box. He has been banned from every forum. He is all-present and nothing-knowing. He is the corn syrup addiction of America and he is an expired Applebee's coupon. We worship him in a big, nude church while the police blast Kenny Loggins and wait for us to come out. We will never come out.

We like Kenny Loggins. There are several people whose voices on social media are often compared to dril's—the musician and actor Ice-T Man s dril one [17] [18] —but Donald Trump is likely the most common comparison. Commentators have frequently compared dril to Trump and vice versaparticularly Trump's voice on Twitter and other social media platforms.

In a article for New York magazine, Brian Feldman argued that Trump should choose dril as his vice-presidential running mate—a position that was later filled by then- Governor of Indiana Mike Pence —because the writer perceived commonalities between dril's "incoherent, libidinousauthoritarian comment-spam " and Trump's own campaign tweeting.

Sep 15 [dril 9]. Eve Peyser, in a Gizmodo article declaring the presidential election was "the Weird Twitter election," had earlier compared the same dril tweet to the "tone, structure and message" of a Trump tweet. Would it be any stranger than Donald Trump being president of the United States? Donald Trump's Twitter presence isn't absurdistit's just absurd.

@dril is a pseudonymous Twitter...

Collins described dril's humor as a "blend of fist-on-the-table bluster, abject confusion and burned-toast syntax," noting the influence of surreal humor found in Monty Python especially the sketches Man s dril their show Monty Python's Flying Circus and Terry Gilliam 's animations and Adult Swim shows like Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Most of dril's writing is understood to be absurd, surreal, ironic, or nonsensical. Yohann Koshy in Vice said dril's writing "reads like obscene nonsense verse Man s dril syntax mutilated, the humour irredeemable.

Oct 13 [dril 10]. Providing a supposedly out-of-character statement to BuzzFeed for an oral history on "Weird Twitter," dril commented on the nature of his work and motivation:.

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Twitter, as I understand it, is a sort of "Hell" that I was banished to upon death in my previous life. In this abstract realm, the only thing I am certain of is that my cries are awarded "Favs" or "RTs" when they are particularly miserable or profane. These ethereal merits do nothing to ease my suffering, but I have deliriously convinced myself that gathering enough of them will impress my Man s dril superiors and grant me a promotion to a higher plane of existence.

This is my sole motivation. Dan Hitchens at Christian journal First Things noted, in an article about the use of irony on social media, that "[m]uch of the art of Twitter consists in appearing Man s dril put forward a position while giving the impression that you might be kidding," citing American author David Foster Wallace 's warnings about the pervasiveness of irony in modern culture.