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This document provides a roadmap that lists some key resources and suggestions for building Web Experience Factory skills, from your first installation to advanced topics. The learning roadmap provides a number of resources, including demonstrations, product documentation, and education offerings, to help developers get started with IBM Web Experience Factory.

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Some of the articles linked to below may continue to refer to WebSphere Portlet Factory. These topics are also relevant to getting started with Web Experience Factory. Getting Started Installing and getting started Skills: Web Experience Factory 8. Get a conceptual overview of Web Experience Factory and high-level explanation of how the tool is used.

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High-level overview of Web Experience Factory Designer. Set up a WebSphere Portal test environment For developing and testing with complete Portal functionality, we recommend a local Portal server on the developer workstation. To set up a test environment with local Portal, see the following link. Creating your first application Take advantage of the Getting Started forum This forum is for developer discussions about installation, use, and deployment of Web Experience Factory and related products.

Getting Started Installation, Configuration and Deployment Become familiar with other Web resources This section provides a collection of links to helpful WebSphere Experience Factory resources Key resources Getting started with developing applications Skills: Application Patterns with Web Experience Factory Complete tutorials for building portlets There are tutorials for building simple portlets: Creating your first application Read Web Experience Factory books This section provides a collection of links to helpful Web Experience Factory resources.

Web Experience Factory Books View Learn from experiance factory video slides on best practices View conference slides on best practices for development and on tips for teams adopting Web Experience Factory. These slides cover best practices from the field for application development, including using agile methodologies: Tips for Teams Adopting Web Experience Factory Downloading and running samples Activity Recommended content Take advantage of samples on the wiki The Web Experience Factory wiki includes a large selection of sample applications which you can download and run.

The UI-related samples do not in Learn from experiance factory video have external dependencies, but some of the data access samples involve access and configuration for back-end systems.

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Create service provider models with testing support Access data from back end systems such as relational database, SAP, or Domino Call WSDL and REST services Implement paging so that large result sets are retrieved in small Learn from experiance factory video Activity Recommended content Take advantage of data access samples on the wiki The samples in the wiki cover a variety of data sources.

The most generic is probably the SQL sample, and there is a Cloudscape sample data base for use with the sample. If you Learn from experiance factory video be working with another data source such as Domino, SAP, or external web services, there are samples you can use for those data sources also. Data Access samples from the Samples Directory Complete the tutorial for creating a database application This tutorial lets you create a complete application using a database table created with the SQL Table Create builder: Tutorials - Creating a database application: Creating a Domino Service Also see this presentation about integrating Domino data.

Creating an SAP service This tutorial shows how to create an application that uses a new database table: Tutorial - Creating a database application Install and explore web service sample This sample includes a web service provider and a consumer.

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Chapter 5 continues the discussion and provides implementation details for a custom data service, SQL Data service, Domino data service, and a data service to access an external web service. Overview and interface definition Chapter 5. The samples utilize an approach that combines user interface and data access functions in a single builder.

Note also that the interfaces used in the samples may not be available on all servers.

These builders can be used to create custom task lists and task processing forms that work with WebSphere Process Server tasks. Unified Task List Developer Pack Unified Task List Learn from experiance factory video following article is part of a 3-part series and talks about using those human task builders http: This model includes full CRUD capability using a sample service provider model.

Designing the UI Learn to use "theme" support Web Experience Factory includes powerful new capabilities for controlling the look and style of an application in a very centralized way.

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