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Gay xXx Photo Galleries Justin russo naked.

Justin Russo was heading back from a long day at school.

What will happen when Justin...

He was one street away from his house. His brother Max stayed home from school today, because he said he was not feeling well today.

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Justin thought he should hurry back to go check on Max, to make sure he is doing alright. Their parents left today to go out of town for a convention, and Alex went to stay at Harper's house while their parents are gone. Justin arrived to the front door.

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He opened the door, and he saw that Max was in the kitchen cooking pancakes. However, there was something that shocked Justin.

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Max was completely naked! He was walking around the kitchen with his huge cock swinging between his legs. Justin was still just starring in shock. Max opened the fridge and bent down, exposing his hole to Justin russo naked. Justin started to get hard.

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He hadn't told anyone, not even anyone in his family. Justin decided to sit down on the couch and turn the TV on, before his cock would burst out of his jeans and shoot cum all over the place. Justin knew that it was bad that he liked what he saw. He can't have a crush on his brother. He had never seen Max naked, and he had the most sexy body that he had ever seen. Max had smooth brown skin, very hard abs, nice sized biceps, and a long cock.

Justin decided Justin russo naked turn back to look at Max again. Max was at the stove flipping the pancakes, giving Justin a nice view of Max's bubble butt. Justin just wanted to go back over there and rim that tight hole. He brought Justin's plate to Justin russo naked on the couch, and Max decided to sit next to Justin on the couch. Max sat down and put his feet up on the coffee table. Justin also didn't tell anybody that he had a huge Justin russo naked fetish.

Justin looked over at Max's feet and he just wanted to go over and suck on them so bad. After this, I have to go clean the sub station. It's closed today because Dad and Mom are gone.

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Did you wanna help? I'll see you down there when you're ready.

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Justin didn't know what to do. He just wanted to fuck the shit out of his brother. He decided to take a deep breath, and head downstairs.

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Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. It's Friday afternoon, Justin and Max have the house to themselves this weekend. What will happen when Justin discovers Max completely naked in the kitchen?

Pancakes for Lunch Justin Russo was heading back from a long day at school. What are you doing?

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Did you want any? How was your day?

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I had a major headache this morning, but I'm feeling better. These pancakes are great, Max. Max took their plates, and he placed them in the dishwasher.

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