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Here we ve a joy them ass banging jointly

Gay Adult Videos Here we ve a joy them ass banging jointly.

That which does not fit elsewhere. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive. Da Dip was in the song I'm looking for came out sometime between 2. The Song has a slow intro with possibly fading beeps like the ones in the intro to Please Don't Here we ve a joy them ass banging jointly by Double You and a man talking or rapping not quite sure what to call or if i Evan remember the intro correctly.

Besides all the dip dip dip dip dip through out the track i also remember the words bunny or bunnies but i was a little kid at the time and could have had that wrong i think she might have been saying honey or money but don't rule out bunny because i was very convinced that is what she way saying when i last heard it as a kid and Here we ve a joy them ass banging jointly at a point in the song she says something like bunny aah baby darling 5.

So that's all i got and if anybody Here we ve a joy them ass banging jointly song please help me complete this life long search i think we all know the joy when we find a track we have been searching for and hear it for the first time in several years it's like nothing else in the Here we ve a joy them ass banging jointly except sex in fact after about 10 years i have always said i would never hear it again all I'm asking is for somebody to prove me wrong PS I thought I would never Funky Y2C by The Puppies anybody remember that one HEY LIL MAMA that was another one of my childhood favorites too i was overwhelmed with a sense of happiness when i heard that for the 1st time in 15 years and that's a corny ass song to me it's just a testament to how powerful music really is i can take you to whole different time in your life Thank you Sincerely William aka DJ Electro.

I was gonna post that vid. That's not it but i will say dis n dat was the shit i used funky y2c as an example of a long lost song that i haven't heard for years and was looking for and finally found but the track I'm looking for is not any sort of booty bass or miami bass style song i think it was more mellow like a hip hop or RnB track god damn it's been so long that my memory is not that great also have not heard it since 94 or 95 and I was a little kid just remember people it starts slow and then a woman maybe Latina of Asian starts singing dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip repeatably and there's other lyrics like i said bunny,honey,money or aah baby darling but thanks so much anyways please keep trying.

I first started thinking it was Tootsie Roll until you said that. I don't see where the lady saying dip dip comes in, but here's the begining lyrics: I'm the type of guy who takes time to just kick back, Turn around my baseball cap i have a forty sittin on my lap, Scanning the ivories until i sees a female worth my while, i'm scopin that ass, checkin her smile And i know i can git it and i'll hit it if she wid it. I get the 5 to the 6 7 digits, call her up on my cellular And all the shit that i say to her, The fun will begin when i hit the So if a girlie is lonesome i think that she knows where to goes when she wants some Cos Monty ain't here for nothin, but i got a little Chorus: Somethin for da honeyz for the sick sick brothers sick sick Somethin for da honeyz yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Her intro song was from Art of Noise, song name Moments in love. Go to youtube, and search for it, if not here is a link try it, and see if it works Watch www. This song moments in love was in the very very beginning intro into da dip them it seemed to be erased from the music world altogether, that is until this new song in dark horse decided to sample it for the beat.

Maybe this is the song you have been searching for, good luck. Same exact sample as Art of Noise, Moments in Love, good luck. DJ Art Pumpin Payne 6: DJ Remix Detroit 7: DJ Art Pumpin Payne One of my favorite early 90's house joints. Rude Awakening The Dip Watch www. I'm trying to find the same song, can't remember what it's called but I'm fairly certain it is by M People.

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