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I was delighted when Meo. This isn't the first product that I have reviewed for the Meo teamand once again I was delighted with both the product and their customer service. I am fascinated by just how smooth and shiny they are; it is evident that a lot of effort has gone into their finish.

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If you've tried leather or rope restraints then why not give some metal restraints Heavy duty mteal shop sex try as they feel so different, and different is good.

You may have already guessed that this is going to be a positive review, I love these shackles but let me tell you why I think that they are so good and why they are definitely worth trying out. These metal restraints arrive wrapped in bubble wrap inside a carrying pouch.

Each comes with a tool which is used to open them and then to lock them shut again. Without this tool, you will be locked into your restraints and having to explain yourself to the fire brigade could be quite embarrassing. As without this simple device, you will need to be cut out of them, Heavy duty mteal shop sex take good care of it.

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This set of two metal shackles is surprisingly heavy, and they constantly remind you of their presence when you wear them. Each shackle features a large metal ring that can be used to restain you even further with chain or ropes.

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These rings are free to rotate, and they make a beautiful noise as you walk Heavy duty mteal shop sex the metal shackles chinking and announcing your approach before anyone even sees you. These shackles have been buffed to a very high shine, and the stainless steel looks fantastic. They feature a hidden hinge at the back Heavy duty mteal shop sex a locking screw at the front. You use the special tool to unscrew and remove the locking screw, and this is a surprisingly simple processbut it does take time.

The tool has a knurled handle and an Allen key head that you insert into the small locking screw. Once unscrewed and removed, it then allows the shackles to swing open on their hinge so that they can be wrapped around a submissives ankles.

From a submissives perspective, it's very arousing to be locked into a set of these restraints. I love having to present my ankles one at a time to my Master and enjoy watching as he secures me in my restraints one ankle at a time. Just this simple action has my pulse racing, and I feel my levels of arousal rise. I find that the time it takes to fit them is almost ritualistic and I love that.

Once installed they feel cold and heavy against my skin.

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They are a perfect reminder of my position, and wearing them reinforces my submission. I honestly wish I had a matching set Heavy duty mteal shop sex wrist shackles as a full set with a metal collar would be a dream come true for me. This submissive loves the harsher forms of restraint, and these shackles are delicious in that respect.

The metal bands used in these restraints is 0.

This makes them large enough to be unisex, and on me, they are a nice and loose fit. I was delighted with the quality of these cuffs; they are very sturdy and well made. I have no doubt at all that they will give years of service to anyone lucky enough to use them.

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I like the large rings on them and the fact that they rotate. They allow you to use larger carabiners or ropes for added restraint and they finish the cuffs off nicely, providing a focal point for your gaze.

Any submissive would be lucky to wear the full set.

Top quality stainless steel HEAVY...

I am fascinated by just how smooth and shiny they are; it's very evident that a lot of effort has gone into their finish. The locking screw is almost unnoticeable when fitted, and without the tool, you have no way of getting them off. This feature gives play with them an enjoyable edge, and I love being locked into them.

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Once again I have been impressed with another great product from Meo. These shackles are very well made and impossible to get out of without the tools supplied.

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The metal by its very nature is cold and unforgiving, and it puts you in your place. I like them and have had lots of kinky fun in them already. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a set of beautiful and practical metal restraints for their submissive.

Grab one of these amazing pair of metal ankle shackles from Meo. Whilst you're there be sure to check out their wrist shackles too as they look amazing.

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Joanne If you've tried leather or rope restraints then why not give some metal restraints a try Heavy duty mteal shop sex they feel so different, and different is good. Check out these quality metal ankle cuffs. Great for putting any submissive in their place.

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Click to Tweet Key Features Key features: Quality stainless steel cuffs Locking tools supplied Hidden hinge and locking screw Easy to securely lock your submissive into Final Thoughts Once again I have been impressed with another great product from Meo. Check out these other reviews of Meo. Additional Info Overall Rating: Leave a comment All comments are reviewed before publication to prevent spammers from touting their wares on my site.

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