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There are a few reasons why we watch hentai, but obviously, we watch hentai for the constant Hardcore henrai and sex. Welcome to the world of the hardcore.

In an obviously lewd version of Japanese society, dropouts, or the people who failed to be admitted to universities, are forced to work as public sex servants and help aspiring students to study and contribute to society.

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Niimi is a student who studies hard and in order for him to not become a dropout, Shichijo Reika, a student at the top of her class, comes in and helps relieve his sexual desires so he can study better. Is Reika a dropout? And Hardcore henrai there a Hardcore henrai why she has taken a liking towards our hero?

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At first glance, Dropout is your typical orgy anime, but the story of a guy ending up having sex with one of the most respected and beautiful girls around, and the idea of girls turning into public utility equipment makes up for it. And the sex, oh man, we hope you like the idea of Hardcore henrai girls being used as public urinals and see their wombs turn inside out.

The hentai is still ongoing, so who knows what kinky stuff are waiting. The bastard child of a rich businessman is out seeking revenge for abandoning him and his mother when he was a child. With the power of a time-stopping device given to Hardcore henrai by an unknown witch, he infiltrates a prestigious school where his half-sisters are studying and exact revenge. What happens if you give a Hardcore henrai who wants to destroy his father, the power to stop time?

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