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Heyy guys, sorry for this chapter taking so long. I had writer's block and couldn't come up with anything. Thank you to PrincezzShell for helping me with this chapter!

They were sitting at the far end of the ice cream parlour in the seats near the side window.

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Gabriel had insisted that he find out all about the 'juicy details' of how Dean got a chick knocked up and scored himself a kid Hence, why they were here.

Care to explain why the hell you're here?

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Last time we heard, you were dead. Ivy giggled at her daddy, clapping her hands. It's a pretty lengthy story.

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And that's without the extra details. Gabriel sighed, shaking his head. You know, the kid can learn bad habits.

Sammy, this dickwad made us think he was dead for six months and you're telling me that I'm not making this any easier? A lot of people turned around to stare at their table.

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Ivy stares at the people back with big wide eyes, mouth in an O shape. They all turn around, small audible 'Aww's and 'So cute' whispers hushed from them, Dean's outburst forgotten.

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Ivy looked between her daddy Gabriel poke so naughty Uncle Sammy. She thought her daddy was silly. She giggles, clapping her hands and trying to poke her daddy's nose. When her daddy looked down at her she smiled a toothy grin. You did anyway and now look what happened' look.

Ivy stopped giggling, looking at Gabriel with a wobbly lip. Dean glared daggers at the archangel. Ivy's lip wobbled more and she tugged on her daddy's shirt, tears swelling bigger in her emerald orbs. Daddy dwont kill Unca Gabi'el! Gabriel smirked, rather pleased. Sam grabbed hold of his wrist, pulling him down. Sam and Gabriel just stared at him. Ivy's eyes grew wide and she Gabriel poke so naughty off from her seat, standing up.

She wobbles a little but then regains her footing, running towards the door.

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Ivy looked back at her Uncle Sammy. Sam was about to stand up and run after her. Gabriel put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head. Dean needed some time to cool down, and what better way for than than spending some alone time with his little princess.

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Sam knew that Gabriel had been back, though the archangel had told not to spoil his fun when he miraculously not so very any more popped up randomly to see them. How about another ice cream, on the house?

My treat to you for keeping my awesome identity secret. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Dean finds a baby at the doorstep of the motel along with a note telling him that it's his daughter.

How will Dean handle being a father? Will this baby open up Gabriel poke so naughty heart and soften the bad boy we know as Dean Winchester? Kiimii xxx "So care to explain why Dean-o here has a little munchkin on his hands? Sam rolled his eyes. With you here it wouldn't be that hard, would it? You're not making this any easier.

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Sam though, did not forget. Well, go fuck yourself.

Another poke to Sam's sides...

Ivy continued to giggle. He scowled at Gabriel. Where are you going?

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Let the kid see her daddy. He needs his little tyke to cheer him up. What's been happening with my favourite moose? Dean's Little Miracle 2.

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