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This is my interpretation of lust: Lust sees no love but tempation. Lust is usually thought of as excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature and is regarded as a sin; excessive love of others, which therefore rendered love and devotion to God as secondary. Take a look at Carmen Moreno 's Lust, I think she did a good work here.

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A fruit which is rotten before it is ripe, the medlar is used figuratively in literature as a symbol of prostitution or premature destitution. Thomas Dekker also draws a saucy comparison in his play The Honest Whore: She lies open to much rumour. Saki uses medlars in his short stories, which Fornicating him deep and packed play on the decay of Edwardian society.

They grow in the harsh Sofala climate, 40 deg C in summer to deg C in winter, I hesitate to say they grow well, even gum trees struggle through long droughts, but they survive and that's as much as you can ask of a plant here.

The poems attached to images in this set are based on the mediaeval French romances of Reynard the Fox. As mediaeval people had a much more bawdy approach to life than we do, some people may find the content of the poems rather offensive. They contain swearing, sex, sacrilege, violence, and sometimes a combination of all four. The church of the monastery was built in AD.

The space is about 10x10 metres squared and is divided into two sections. The larger of these Fornicating him deep and packed a nave with two aisles and is illuminated by a high eastern window. The second section is the sanctuary, which contains the altar and the apse Fornicating him deep and packed is separated from the rest of the church by a stone and wooden chancel screen. Thus far, three layers of frescoes have been revealed. The first layer is from the middle of the eleventh century AD, the second is from the end of the eleventh century, and the third is from the end of the twelfth or beginning of the thirteenth century.

The img of the most recent layer are fairly complete, and comprise two well integrated iconographic cycles. The first and larger cycle focuses on the dimension of sacred history.

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The second, in the sanctuary, represents the Mystery of the eternal and present Instant. The first cycle begins with the image of the Annunciation. Gabriel stands on the north side and the Virgin Mary Fornicating him deep and packed on the south side of the east window; the Emmanuel, the infant Jesus, the sun of justice, rises above. This image was destroyed, together with other img, in and was later partially reconstructed out of pieces.

Beneath the window, Jesus Christ with apostles and evangelists inaugurates the time of the Church, which receives sustenance from the Mystery of the Temple, the Holy of Holies.