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Enormous in japan three

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The category 4 equivalent hurricane was packing wind gusts of mph as Trami swirled over open water. Weather forecasters had earlier suggested Japan would be spared from a direct hit. CNN meteorologist Tom Sater warned: Typhoon Trami is expected to slow down over the next few hours before building up speed ahead on Friday when high winds will start to impact the Ryukyu Islands, home Enormous in japan three 1.

The storm is expected to still hit as a Category 4 equivalent hurricane when it crosses between Miyako and Okinawa over late Friday night into Saturday night. While forecasters are keeping a watch on the ground, astronauts have been tracking Trami from above.

Alexander Gerst shared awesome images of Trami from space, comparing it to a whirlpool in all its mighty force. Staring down the eye of yet another fierce storm.

Be safe down there! The storm is capable of causing wind damage, mudslides and flash flooding even so, Accuweather added. Trami comes just two weeks after Super Typhoon Mangkhut killed more than people as it battered Luzon in the Philippines.

The typhoon ripped roofs off homes and caused Enormous in japan three power outages, while in Hong Kong it was classed as the strongest typhoon to hit the nation for more than 30 years.

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The season runs alongside the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs between June and November every year. North Carolina and South Carolina are still overcoming flooding as a result of Hurricane Florence which made landfall on September But the Ryukyu Islands are now looking very likely to be smashed along with neighbour Taiwan.

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Trami's projected path Image: Weather advisories have been issued in the affected areas by Japan Meteorological Agency. Trami's movements on Monday Image: What about the rest of Japan? This satellite image of Trami's storm eye was taken from space Image: With wind speeds of nearly mph, Mangkhut was a category 4 storm just before making landfall.

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