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Time just keeps slipping by so quickly.

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The year brought some major long-dreamed-of garden construction projects to reality. The Japanese Garden renovation was completed just in time for the grand opening at our Gala in the Garden on May 2. The new Frank Harmon-designed Lath House construction was completed in time for fall The Master Plan committee has worked diligently to complete the pathways and bed design for the new Lath House. Bed construction and planting the Lath House is a major focus for earlywith the official dedication slated for fall, when we will recognize all the people who helped make this project a reality—especially Mike Stallings and Mitzi Hole.

The year may be a little calmer in regard to new garden projects—but only time will tell! A little breathing time between major projects will allow Mark, Tim, and our band of dedicated volunteers a chance to work on the punch list of minor construction projects. There are some changes in elevation and, hence, rapid movement of water during storms. We also have some areas of erosion in the Scree Garden that require some attention, so you can see there will be plenty of garden projects to accomplish in As time marches on, you will witness the creation of the Ellipse, circled by a pathway similar to the main path from the Japanese Garden to Engulfing off my boss for a promotion julia reaves Necessary.

We are currently seeking private funding for this project in order to launch construction of this new area. And speaking of the Necessary, our volunteer construction crew just completed a face lift with all new exterior paint, plus a new roof. The Model Gardens are another future project area that the Master Plan committee continues to review.

We have struggled with what the changes in the Model Garden area should be. There were lots of good ideas and still much creative thinking is in progress. We are very much open to ideas that Friends of the Arboretum might have, and we are always appreciative of financial assistance for the Model Gardens development, as well other garden projects.

The Master Plan really is our road map for the future development Engulfing off my boss for a promotion julia reaves the Arboretum, but the time is now to appreciate and enjoy the approximately 5, taxa of plants and beautiful floriferous views.

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We still have considerable work ahead, but many of the designated priorities are already well under way. One major priority is becoming a reality. The JC Raulston Arboretum is truly a great resource for families and children. Obviously, the Margaret Snow Manooch Cascade Engulfing off my boss for a promotion julia reaves a kid magnet, but beyond the aesthetics and water features, there is so much more that begs to be learned about our plants, the garden, and their environmental impact.

Jennie was a true blessing. Their effervescence and excitement for introducing youth programs to our volunteers and friends shows. We hope that our new educational programs, coupled with our new communications and public relations priorities, and as always, the outstanding garden and plant displays, will bring many new Engulfing off my boss for a promotion julia reaves of the Arboretum who will become lifelong members. The JC Raulston Arboretum evaluates a wide diversity of woody plants for suitability to the central Piedmont region of North Carolina and the broader southeastern United States.

Maples Acer have been an important component of the collections of the JCRA since its inception in the s and currently there are about maples in the collection. In recent years, evergreen and semi-evergreen species have gradually been accumulated through wild collections and from cultivated material. Many of these Acer are poorly understood and rarely grown even in botanic gardens, but may be suitable for wider use throughout the Southeast.

The genus Acerformerly included in its own family, the Aceraceae, is now widely placed in the Sapindaceae family. Acer is a widespread genus with members ranging from North America to Europe and North Africa and across to Asia and Indonesia where they cross to the southern hemisphere.

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There are approximately — species of Acer ; relatively few are evergreen or mostly evergreen. The majority of these evergreen forms are native to Southeast Asia and the Himalayan region with a couple of outliers in the eastern Mediterranean region.

It is closely related to the similar A. The foliage is leathery and glossy pale green above while the underside is glaucous white to purplish. Like many of the evergreen Asian maples, the foliage of this tree is entire and unlobed. Mature trees develop an upright oval habit and are quite beautiful. Fall can bring plum tones to the underside of the leaves, adding interest to the winter landscape.

It ranges from low to medium altitudes throughout Taiwan. We have not been able to test this plant in the landscape yet, although one plant grown from seed obtained through the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute was planted in Asian Valley last year.

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No seeds were present, so we left that plant with just memories. Provenance may play a strong role in determining hardiness.

Plants can be propagated by seed or by grafting on A. Although not evergreen at the JCRA, it may make a nice evergreen or semi-evergreen specimen in the Deep South with the old foliage dropping as the new leaves emerge. The bark peels attractively in thick sheets on mature trees. Propagation is from seed although isolated Engulfing off my boss for a promotion julia reaves often form non-viable parthenocarpic fruitgrafting to A.

Overwintering rooted cuttings can be difficult and success may be best with cuttings from early in the season. High elevation forms have proven to be hardy into at least zone 8 where they are mostly evergreen.

It is similar in other respects to the species with a powdery blue underside to the leaves. The foliage is unlobed, dark to medium green above, and paler and tomentose below. It tends to break dormancy early in the spring, which can be a problem in areas subject to late frosts.

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