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Duett turns into three

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A duet is a musical composition for two performers in which the performers have equal importance to the piece, often a composition involving two singers or two pianists.

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It differs from a harmonyas the performers take turns performing a solo section rather than performing simultaneously. A piece performed by two pianists performing together on the same piano is a " piano duet " or " piano four hands ".

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A musical ensemble with more than two solo instruments Duett turns into three voices is called trioquartetquintetsextetseptetoctetetc. When Mozart was young, he and his sister Marianne played a duet of his composition at a London concert in The four-hand, described as a duet, was in many of his compositions which included five sonatas ; a set of variationstwo performers and one instrument, and a sonata for two pianos.

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The first published sonata or duet was in Duets have always been a part of the structure of operas. Early 16th-century operas such as L'Orfeo and L'incoronazione di Poppea involve duets throughout the performance.

In 17th-century Italy duets were often used in comic scenes within serious operas. In Baroque France the duet was popular in tragedies, such as songs of vengeance and confrontation.

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