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Disrobe for me

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Disrobe - definition of disrobe by The Free Dictionary https: To remove the clothing or covering from. Switch to new thesaurus.

To remove all the clothing from: References in classic literature? The actor is bidden to disrobe and wash off his powder and paint: In spite of the feeble struggles of the old man, the Saracens had already torn from him his Disrobe for me garment, and were proceeding totally to disrobe him, when the sound of a bugle, twice winded without the castle, penetrated even to the recesses of the dungeon, and immediately after loud voices were heard calling for Sir Reginald Front-de-B View in context.

Among the terms are azure, basilisk, brazen, carnation, cherubim, counterfeit, disrobeemerald, fancy, Giulio Romano, gorgon, idolatry, jewel, likeness, pencil, raven, silence, tongue-tied, wanton, and wrought.