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Showing all 69 items. Jennifer Carpenter 's character Debra Morgan, known for her frequent swearing, used the word "fuck" times throughout the show's eight-season run, according to a count made by fans. Yes No Share this Share this: Dexter fuck son David Zayas Jr.

Dexter has killed about people according to the Dexter Wiki. He had 45 Dexter fuck slides in his first box before it was destroyed and now has about 43 slides in his new box. There were also 20 or so victims from whom he didn't collect blood.

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Though they play brother and sister in the series, having met on the show, Michael Dexter fuck. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter married on 31st December They subsequently divorced in Decemberbut continued to work together in the show. David Zayaswho plays Detective Sgt. Before that he served in the U.

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Series star Michael C. Hall revealed he was afflicted with Hodgkin's lymphoma in Januarybut continued to work on the series. Most of his fellow cast members were surprised by the news, because he had not disclosed his condition during production. Hall is, as of mid, in remission. However, Dexter's murder victims are often reported as missing persons. The following seasons vaguely reference the sequels Dexter fuck the novel.

Dexter's Dexter fuck syringe ostensibly contains a solution of what he refers to as M Etorphine Hydrochloridean animal tranquilizer more potent than morphine and Dexter fuck used by veterinarians to sedate creatures as large as elephants. The substance can only be legally acquired and administered with a DEA license.

Doakes makes comments to Dexter that after looking into his background, he found that Dexter studied Advanced Jujitsu in college which would possibly equate to a black beltand that Dexter Dexter fuck at the top of his class in medical school, but chose blood spatter analysis as his career.

This implies that Dexter is a non-practicing M. Dexter fuck Batista at times refers to Dexter as "socio" when speaking to him as a friend or in confidence. The name of the main character, "Dexter," is Dexter fuck a Latin word meaning "right hand. In author Jeff Lindsay confirmed at a book signing in Edinburgh that he chose the name Dexter because it was the opposite of "sinister", reflecting the character's surface normality.

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Lithgow would later star in Season 4 as Arthur Mitchell. Dexter frequently uses aliases that make reference Dexter fuck Bret Easton Ellis books and their film adaptations. One aspect of the Trinity killer parallels the BTK killer. Among many positions, he was a deacon and congregation president and Cub Scout leader. Ironically, it was his use of a church computer to send a letters to authorities that led to his being caught. Dexter fuck

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The names Dexter Morgan and Debra Morgan refer to the two laws of De Morgan--valid rules of inference in propositional logic. They describe their mentality towards the existence of each other: Neither Debra nor Dexter can live without the other. Both Dexter fuck express that several times throughout the series.

While most of the shows are set in and around Miami, Florida, the series exteriors are mostly shot in Long Beach, California, with Dexter fuck shot at the Sunset-Gower Studios on Sunset Blvd. Second-unit crews shoot additional material in Miami to help add to the realism of the show. Jennifer Carpenter 's Debra uses more expletives in any given episode than all of her male colleagues combined.

Dexter's character always wears light-colored shirts to work, but is always in dark Dexter fuck when he's a "dark passenger". Composer Daniel Licht initially wrote Dexter's theme song as part of the score for the horror anthology movie Necronomicon: Book of Dead The advertisement on Foxtel in Australia promoting "Dexter" was pulled after the South Australian government filed complaints regarding the mention of Adelaide a city in South Australia having the highest serial killer count per capita.