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Love between men is celebrated in the Bible with the story of David and Jonathan. New and historical artists, writers and musicians illustrate the same-sex love between Jonathan and David here. There are no wedding ceremonies in the Bible, so the same-sex vows between David and Jonathan and Ruth and Naomi provide the best Biblical models for wedding vows.

Some consider David David his first sex tape be bisexual, since the Hebrew scriptures also recount how he committed adultery with Bathsheba and later made her one of his eight wives. There is no doubt that many people today do honor David and Jonathan as gay saints.

Sixteenth-century Spanish mystic John of the Cross is one of the many writers who used their same-sex love as a model for divine love. David, the second king of Israel, was an acclaimed warrior, musician and poet. He is credited with composing many of the psalms in the Bible.

The gospel genealogies list David as an ancestor of Jesus.

David and Jonathan in art

The two men met when David was a ruddy young shepherd. Jonathan, David his first sex tape courageous warrior, had returned victorious from battle.

David was taken to see King Saul right after beheading the Philistine giant Goliath. Scholars estimate that David was about 18 and Jonathan was at least 10 years older. Jonathan fell in love at first sight of the handsome young hero. Wedding ceremonies are absent from the Bible, but the covenant between David his first sex tape and David is described in detail. Soon after David and Jonathan met, the two men expressed their commitment by making a covenant with each other.

The dramatic moment is described in 1 Samuel Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that he was wearing, and gave it to David, and his armor, and even his sword and his bow and his belt. Jonathan and David embrace in a manuscript illustration, circa La Somme le roy Wikipedia. David and Jonathan became so close that it looked like someday they would rule Israel together.

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But that day never came because Jonathan was killed in battle. David mourned deeply for him with a famous lament. There are many translations of 2 Samuel 1: I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful, more wonderful than that of women.

He is known as an early advocate of male love homosexuality and wrote many poems inspired by his own homosexual affairs. There by an ancient holm-oak huge and tough, Clasping the firm rock David his first sex tape gnarled roots and David his first sex tape, He stayed their steps; and in his arms of strength Took David, and for sore love found at length Solace in speech, and pressure, and the breath Wherewith the mouth of yearning winnoweth Hearts overcharged for utterance.

In that kiss Soul unto soul was knit and bliss to bliss. It is a perennial bestseller at Q Spirit. Beginning with young David slaying Goliath, the book shows how he won the heart of Prince Jonathan, heir to the throne of Israel. The star-crossed warrior-lovers face conflicts with King Saul and others as the Biblical story unfolds and David grows to become a king himself.

The author uses artistry and restraint to present sex scenes between David and Jonathan and each man with his own wife. With meticulous research and dynamic storytelling skills, he brings alive the dramatic same-sex love story at the core of religious tradition.

Gay-positive Bible scholars have written extensively about the relationship between David and Jonathan. Artists throughout the ages have illustrated the the drama and same-sex passion of their story, beginning with the moment that David and Jonathan David his first sex tape. A beautiful romantic version of their first meeting appears on their stained-glass window at St. Created inthe window has a dedication at the bottom: It was created in the Tiffany style by Robert L.

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The window is dedicated to the memory of John Sutton and A. Wilson, founders of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It can be seen online at Stained Glass Resources Inc. Available as prints and more at the Queerly Christian Zazzle and Etsy and shops. It appears at the top of this post.

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She drew many of them on the altar of a seminary chapel. California artist Ryan Grant Long emphasizes the homoeroticism of the moment whenJonathan strips off his robe and wraps it around David with a kiss on the neck.

A Queer History Project. David and Jonathan sculpture by Malcolm Lidbury, Wikipedia. Lidbury portrays the embrace of David and Jonathan with full frontal nudity.

The figures appear to be solid bronze, David his first sex tape are actually a thin film of bronze paint over composite construction of wood, plastic, metal and such. A more traditional view is presented by 16th-century Italian painter Cima da Conegliano.

In both images David is still carrying the head of Goliath as he bonds with his new friend Jonathan, hinting at the union of violence and eroticism. In contrast New Mexico artist Trudie Barreras shows the new friends both putting aside their armor to make a covenant with each other left.

An woodcut by German artist Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld illustrates that tearful farewell scene from 1 Samuel Another version of the farewell scene was painted by American folk artist and Quaker minister Edward Hicks in In both paintings a boy can be seen carrying away their weapons. In the lower right Hicks places a scene of the Good Samaritan rescuing a downtrodden man.

Interestingly, the Jonathan and David window at St. Contemporary gay Israeli artist Adi Nes gives shocking clarity to David and Jonathan by using images of homoeroticism and homelessness to subvert stereotypes about people in the Bible.

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Dirty and unkempt, they embrace beneath an industrial overpass covered by graffiti. They look battered, perhaps from a gay bashing.

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The love between the two men is honored in a golden icon by Brother Robert Lentz. Unlike most images of Jonathan and David, the Lentz icon David his first sex tape Christ above blessing their relationship.

It is one of 10 Lentz icons that have sparked controversy since in when conservative Roman Catholic leaders accused Lentz of glorifying sin and creating propaganda for a progressive sociopolitical agenda. The text comes from 2 Samuel 1: Queer possibilities are reinforced when he listens closely to the music with scholarly exegesis and historical analysis of whether the love between Jonathan and David was homoerotic.

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It includes a foreword by pioneering feminist theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether. The author teaches religions at Mount St. Why did God focus on their intimate partnership?

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To read this article in Spanish, go to: El amor entre hombres en la Biblia Santos Queer. David and Jonathan window detail from St. Special thanks to Ruth Innes for the photo and info. Traditional and alternative saints, people in the Bible, LGBTQ martyrs, authors, theologians, religious leaders, artists, deities and other figures of special interest to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and queer LGBTQ people and our allies are covered.

The idea that Jesus said nothing about homosexuality in the scripture is false.

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As God he spoke to the homosexual issue condemning it in Leviticus and Romans through the apostle Paul. As God all comments condemning homosexuality in scripture are attributed to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit equally.

They are in total agreement on everything forever and will never change. Therefore all the David his first sex tape to subvert the teaching of scripture on homosexuality and lesbianism as sin as well as all other forms of sex besides heterosexual sex within the context of marriage are futile and seek only to excuse those who love their sexual preference more than the word of God and obedience to that word.

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