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Racism in Thailand is a prevalent but little discussed topic. Thailand's ethnic minorities have been subjected to persecution in Thailand.

Especially the one million plus members of Thailand's hill tribes. They Dark thai affaire viewed as illiterate drug peddlers and opium-growers, with Thai mainstream media perpetuating this image. But growing environmental problems after Thailand's national social and economic development plans took off in the late '60s and early '70s, and an influx of Vietnamese migrants during the Vietnam War changed this relationship forever.

Then they became the enemies, the 'other'. The demonization and criminalization of ethnic minorities and the perpetuation of the myth Dark thai affaire they are non-Thai has been embedded in Thai textbooks, in Thai history and in the mainstream media.

Extrajudicial killingstorture, disappearances, and intimidation of members of Thailand's hill tribes by Thai police and military was rampant under Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's "War on Drugs"which started in Being called khaek 'foreigner' or 'guest'the Thai Malays were subjected to discrimination and political suppression, especially Dark thai affaire the regimes of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram and the Thaification policies of the midth century.

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The south Thailand insurgency of the past 10 years, has repeatedly been met with brutal force by successive Thai governments, especially under the Thaksin Shinawatra administration. Thai Chinesewho now make up 14 percent of Thailand's population, also have had to bear xenophobic sentiments.

Dark thai affaire having had their language and writing suppressed during the Thaification period of the midth century, those of Chinese descent have been forced to change their last names to Thai-sounding names.

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As in much of Asia, dark skin is equated with outdoor labor conditions and the lower classes. There are no laws within the Kingdom of Thailand which outlaws racial discrimination inclusive of racist cliches known in the Western world.

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Unlike its neighboring nations which have been under colonialismThailand's Dark thai affaire as an uncolonized state also shaped its existing laws unlike its Westernized counterparts after decolonization. This also includes signage promoting racial segregation as was common in the southern United States prior to the Civil Rights Act of and South Africa under apartheid.

A Dunkin Donuts blackface ad aired on Thai television incausing a stir in Western media, which was met for the most part with incomprehension in Thailand. The ad, says Thai cultural commentator Kaewmala, may be controversial, but "it's not a comment on Dark thai affaire people in general, it's about concepts of beauty and social snobbery in Asia.

As most Thai people traditionally have never encountered people of African descent, prejudice toward and stereotypes of people of African descent were absorbed by Thais through movies from the West.

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Although Thailand has incorporated certain Western ideals concerning beauty, Asian attitudes regarding skin tones have been around for a long time. Prior to contact with the West, Indian culture permeated the early civilizations of Southeast Asiawhich possibly Dark thai affaire the ideal of fair skin over darker skin.

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Skin whitening products have proven increasingly popular in most of Asia, including Thailand and are marketed in such a way as to promote light skin as beautiful and desirable. Yukti Mukdawijitra, a Thammasat University anthropology professor, observes that the idea that light skin is good and dark skin is bad is "embedded in Thai culture".

Thai attitudes towards Burma have been formed by the Thai Dark thai affaire media of the s and a nationalistic school system, Dark thai affaire teaches that Burma is Thailand's traditional enemy, based on repeated wars between the two from the 16th century CE onward. Examples of recent films that portray this are Bang RajanThe Legend of Suriyothai[12] King Naresuan film series, onwardsand Siyama Thailand has had long standing racial issues with Middle Easterners[ citation needed ] who collectively are also called khaekmeaning "foreigner" or "guest".

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