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He is best remembered for several horror films: Whale also directed films in other genres, including the film version of the musical Show Boat. He became increasingly disenchanted with his association with horror, and many of his non-horror films have fallen into obscurity.

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He discovered his artistic talent early on and studied art. He was captured by the Germans and during his time as a prisoner of war he realized he was interested in drama.

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Following his release at the end of the war he became an actor, set designer and director. His success directing the play Journey's End led to his move to the US, first to direct the play on Broadway and then to HollywoodCaliforniato direct films. He lived in Hollywood for the rest of his life, most of that time with his longtime companion, producer David Lewis.

Apart from Journey's Endwhich was released by Tiffany Films, and Hell's Angelsreleased by United Artistshe directed a dozen films for Universal Pictures between anddeveloping a style characterized by the influence of German Expressionism and a highly mobile camera. Studio interference, possibly spurred by political pressure from Nazi Germanyled to the film's being altered from Whale's vision and it was a critical and commercial failure.

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A run of similar box-office disappointments followed and, while he would make one final short film inby his film directing career was effectively over. He continued to direct for the stage and also rediscovered his love for painting and travel. His investments made him wealthy and he lived a comfortable retirement until suffering strokes in that robbed him of his vigor and left him in pain. He committed suicide on 29 May by drowning himself in his swimming pool.

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Whale was openly gay throughout his career, something that was very unusual in the s and s. As knowledge of his sexual orientation has become more common, some of his films, Bride of Frankenstein in particular, have been interpreted as having a gay subtext and it has been claimed that his refusal to remain in the closet led to the end of his career.

Whale was born in DudleyEnglandthe sixth of seven children of William, a blast furnaceman[1] and Sarah, a nurse.

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His attendance stopped in his teenage years because the cost would have been prohibitive and his labor was needed to help support the family. Thought not physically strong enough to follow his brothers into the local heavy industries, Whale started work as a cobblerreclaiming the nails he recovered Dark homosexual males nail coarse sex image movie replaced soles and selling them for scrap for extra money.

He discovered he had some artistic ability and earned additional money lettering signs and price tags for his neighbors. World War I broke out in early August Although Whale had little interest in the politics behind the war, he realized that conscription was inevitable so he voluntarily enlisted just before it was introduced into the British Army 's Inns of Court Officer Training Corps in Octoberand was stationed initially at Bristol.

He was subsequently commissioned as a second lieutenant into the Worcestershire Regiment in July After the armisticehe returned to Birmingham and tried to find work as a cartoonist.

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He sold two cartoons to the Bystander in but was unable to secure a permanent position. Under the tutelage of actor-manager Nigel Playfairhe worked as an actor, set designer and builder, "stage director" akin to a stage manager and Dark homosexual males nail coarse sex image movie. They were considered a couple for some two years, despite Whale's living as an openly gay man.

They were reportedly engaged inbut by the engagement was off. In Whale was offered the opportunity to direct two private performances of R. Sherriff 's then-unknown play Journey's End for the Incorporated Stage Societya theatre society that mounted private Sunday performances of plays. The key conflict is between Capt. Stanhope, the company commander, and Lt.

Olivier initially declined the role, [15] but after meeting the playwright agreed to take it on. The success of the various productions of Journey's End brought Whale to the attention of movie producers.

Coming at a time when motion pictures were making the transition from silent to talking, producers were interested in hiring actors and directors with experience with dialogue. Whale traveled to Hollywood in and signed a contract with Paramount Pictures. He was assigned as "dialogue director" for a film called The Love Doctor It was at around this time that he met David Lewis. Whale was hired by independent film producer and aviation pioneer Howard Hugheswho planned to turn the previously silent Hughes production Hell's Angels into a talkie.

Whale directed the dialogue sequences. Having purchased the film rights to Journey's EndBritish producers Michael Balcon and Thomas Welsh agreed that Whale's experience directing the London and Broadway productions of the play made him the best choice to direct the film. Universal Studios signed Whale to a five-year contract in and his first project was Waterloo Bridge. It too was a critical and popular success. At around this time, Whale and Lewis began living together.

InUniversal chief Carl Laemmle, Jr. He chose Frankensteinmostly because none of Universal's other properties particularly interested him and he wanted to make something other than a war picture. For the Monsterhe turned to an unknown actor named Boris Karloff. Shooting began on 24 August and wrapped on 3 October. The Impatient Maiden made little impression but The Old Dark House is credited with reinventing the "dark house" subgenre of horror films. It was restored by George Eastman House[42] and released on Blu-ray disk in Whale's next film was The Kiss Before the MirrorDark homosexual males nail coarse sex image movie critical success but a box-office failure.

He returned to horror with The Invisible Man Shot from a script approved by H. Wells[43] the film was a blended horror with humor and confounding visual effects. Much admired, The New York Times placed it in their list of the ten best films of the year, [44] and the film broke box-office records in cities across America.

So highly Dark homosexual males nail coarse sex image movie was the film that France, which restricted the number of theatres in which undubbed American films could play, granted it a special waiver because of its "extraordinary artistic merit".

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