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Butt training and prolapse

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Months after having a baby I noticed some pelvic floor weakness.

So, that got my professional gears turning and I turned all my focus to the pelvic floor. I found that doing kegels did not make any real difference in my pelvic floor strength, so I had to dig deeper.

The more I focused on how the rest of the body either encouraged the pelvic floor to work or discouraged I got stronger, fast. Then, I applied Butt training and prolapse at work! The feedback I got from my clients was amazing.

It even amazed me. This story really makes me want to spread this information! A client mentioned to me at the end of the session that she felt like she had to pee frequently and could barely make it to the bathroom.

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If you have severe prolapse or pelvic pain, please see a pelvic floor PT. Your pelvic floor is the base of function for your body.

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Think about it as a sling of muscles that your torso sits in. A weak pelvic floor can cause SI Butt training and prolapse pain, low back and hip pain. How do you prepare for an unexpected sneeze, a spontaneous laugh, or that sudden lunge for a tennis ball?

Somewhere along the way I read that great posture burns around calories a day the same as a 3 mile run. This angle makes it easier for the pelvic floor to fire naturally and thus get stronger. Clenching your glutes butt muscles while standing.

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A strong Glute Max is important for everythingbut in order to be strong it cannot be clenched all day. Clenching the glutes can make them weaker and harder for your pelvic floor to respond when you really need it! You know when you are in an elevator and oh no, you had beans last night for dinner and you squeeze your bottom to hold in gas?

For a short elevator ride holding those glutes clenched is ok but holding them clenched all day creates a real problem, especially for sneeze pee. When you clench, it tucks your butt under. Clenching your glutes will often make you clench your pelvic floor as well, which makes it inefective at dealing with stresses, such Butt training and prolapse sneezing, it forces the pelvic floor muscles into a shortened, tightened position.

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My last ditch argument against clenching is it makes your butt look super flat and no woman wants flat butt syndrome. Too much junk in the trunk. I call these fake glutes, like those jeans with built in padding. This is bad because the pelvic floor works in sync with the abdominals to Butt training and prolapse correctly. Check out the post Hanging into an Anterior Tilt for more information. Both of these mistakes make it difficult for the pelvic floor to fire correctly. They also make traditional pelvic floor strengthening exercises less effective.

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To strengthen your pelvic floor be sure your head is back in line with your body. Those with forward head posture are more likely to have pelvic floor issues. Take a look at the picture. When my head is forward, my shoulders are slouched and it looks bad. When my chin is tucked, it looks awesome! Proper alignment promotes strength! Get someone to take a picture of you from the side. If you hang a plumb line down from your ear, does it hit your ankle or toes? Butt training and prolapse head should be in line with your ankles.

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Tuck your chin to help your pelvic floor, and as an added bonus, you will look confident and radiant in all your pictures! To make breathing a pelvic floor exercise, make sure the diaphragm and pelvic floor are coordinating with each other. More on this in the pelvic floor workout series, but for a simple quick check, have a seat, preferably on an exercise ball. Now take a deep breath in Butt training and prolapse let it relax out. Repeat until you feel pressure in your pelvic floor created by your diaphragm functioning properly.

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The more Butt training and prolapse expand your ribcage on each deep breath, the more likely you are to have a fully functioning diaphragm. All you need to remember is that when the diaphragm expands, it pushes pressure down into the pelvic floor. This is a good thing! When you slip into a shallow breathing pattern, hello forward head, you lose your diaphragm and therefore your natural strengthening of the pelvic floor. Try this simple exercise. Lying on your side slightly round your back into a C shape and tuck your chin.

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Keeping your chin tucked, blow up the balloon. In through Butt training and prolapse nose and out through your mouth. You do not need to take the balloon out for each breath or pinch it with your fingers. The diaphragm is a huge muscle that expands up and down to help fill the lungs with air.

Think of the abdominal wall again as a canister of pressure. This pressure helps the diaphragm work. The pelvic floor is the bottom of the pressure canister. When you inhale, your diaphragm should drop or descend, and your ribs should expand like an umbrella to allow room for air to fill your lungs.

This should also cause your pelvic floor to relax or expand down, making room for the downward pressure Butt training and prolapse the diaphragm. Then, as you exhale, the diaphragm ascends back up.

Think of it as a recoil from all the pressure going down and your pelvic floor should follow by contracting. Just for fun, try this advanced pelvic floor exercise! Check for Diastasis Here. Start on your hands and knees. Engaging your core, lift up to your toes. Without dropping your head or letting your back arch, come forward and try to blow up the balloon.

It will be the hardest core exercise ever! Get your deep abdominal muscles to fire properly to support the pelvic floor. This includes starting with the basics, then building up in a safe, progressive manner. Also, make sure your core program includes hip rotational exercises that link the abdominal wall. Tapping into this chain of muscles builds optimal strength in the core and pelvic floor.

This, too, will be in the pelvic floor workout Butt training and prolapse. Overworking the outside core muscles rectus abdominis and obliques without creating proper pelvic floor strength to back it up.

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Studies show that an increase Butt training and prolapse the curve of the Butt training and prolapse kyphosis and decrease of the lumbar curve is a risk factor for incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction. When we think of Depends, we think of a hunched over old person, but I actually see tons of young people with poor posture. My favorite kyphosis prevention exercise: Try this exercise now to help decrease kyphosis humpback posture and improve your pelvic floor.

Plus, it feels great after a long day at the office! My favorite lumbar curve correction exercise is a squat. Check that out in the video below. One final hip discussion is that the pelvic floor needs hip rotation and glute strength to function properly. Yes, you do need a strong pelvic floor! BUT, Kegels alone do not build a strong system. What does a kegel look like? A common explanation is a tightening of the pelvic floor like you are stopping the flow of urine.

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The most important part of doing a kegel is the Butt training and prolapse after the contracting. Fully letting go your pelvic floor is critical for getting a great contraction. If you hold a low level of contraction all the time, you get weaker and can never fully contract your pelvic floor. This is what causes leaks. Focus on both the contraction phase and the releasing phase, but your best bet is to incorporate them into other exercises focusing on diaphragm timing.