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Evaluation of the clinical characteristics of burning mouth complaints BMC in a series of Brazilian patients referred to a large teaching hospital.

The primary location of the complaints was reported to be the tongue. Thirty-six patients reported a precipitating event.

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The mean VAS pain levels were 7. Brazilians bunnig three statistical differences were found between Brazilians bunnig three with or without a precipitating event in VAS: The existence of systemic comorbidities, self-reported sleep disturbances and taste alterations indicates possible correlations and the need for a careful systemic evaluation of each patient; there were no differences between patients with and without precipitating events.

Burning mouth syndrome BMS. Atypical facial pain AFP. As idades variaram de anos. Burning Mouth Syndrome BMS is classically referred to as a burning, painful, intra-oral condition with no observable mucosal lesions. Therefore, other common pain producing conditions which manifest themselves as a burning sensation, such as peripheral neuropathy 2 and pain of the masticatory muscles, 3 must be considered in patients with burning mouth complaints.

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