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Brazilians can talk for hours about their favourite strip, nowhere is more closely associated with the beach as lifestyle than Brazil, and golden sands Brazilian beach bunch sex many of the country's cultural icons: The Girl from Ipanema, Havaianas, fio dental "dental floss" bikinis, Copacabana And if we've missed out your favourite, we'd like to hear from you.

Brazil's best beach is not in Rio de Janeiro or the sun-bathed north-east. It's not even on the coast. It is on a river at the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

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Around 30km from the rainforest city of SantaremAlter do Chao is the jungle's answer to the Caribbean. After a week holed up in the jungle, Alter do Chao is the perfect place to relax: People often call the humid and dense Amazon the "green inferno".

Alter do Chao is its golden paradise. Paradise is the word most commonly used to describe Fernando de Noronhaan archipelago km off the north-east coast of Brazil. Brazilian beach bunch sex a nice beach is an easy task on the small volcanic island, but visiting three is mandatory: All have translucent waters, and because tourist numbers to the islands are strictly monitored, it is easy to spot turtles, octopuses, a plethora of fish and even sharks.

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The food chain in Noronha is well preserved, so sharks are less dangerous here there than elsewhere. Set up base at Praia do Toque and walk the sands nearby. Twenty minutes north is Tatuamunha river, a sanctuary for manatees.

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Forty minutes south are two picture-perfect crescents: At low tide hire a jangadeiro a small traditional fishing boat and head to the tidal pools. Pousada do Toquethe region's pioneers. Pousada do Caju is also good, and cheaper. See Ricardo's blog in Portuguese. Conor O'Sullivan, founder of Tatur travel agency.

The 1,km coastline of the state of Bahia is speckled with spectacular beaches. The long sweep of beach ends at a headland where beautiful reef pools are exposed by the receding tide, revealing a huge naturally sheltered pool, offering wonderful snorkelling and tropical fish. South, past the headland, the sandy beach goes on and on, and I walk on and on, stopping off for a refreshing dip. On my Brazilian beach bunch sex, I always stop in at the Bar das Meninas, a cool restaurant bar located in front of the reef pool with a creative seafood menu, breezy cocktails and chilled beers.

Even more spectacular though is the light at the rising of the full moon. Here the moon seems nearer and larger than it should be, flooding the beach and tide pools in soft light.

Kiaroa Resort is one of Brazil's leading luxury beach resorts.

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There's an adage with remote Brazilian beaches: Caraiva is still at the happy-hippy stage of discovery and even then only for a brief period in the summer. No motorised transport is possible in Caraiva so the sounds that prevail are the breeze in the high almond trees and the exhaling of a dozen mules that pull the little carts that are the Brazilian beach bunch sex alternative to walking.

The beach stretches uninterrupted for more than a day's walk in either direction - north as far as the much-hyped village of Trancoso and south to Corumbau. Golden sands lead down to the water where a firm Brazilian beach bunch sex pushes relentlessly against the shore and provides the soundtrack to the handful of idyllic beach bars.

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And then, of course, there are the goalposts that remind you that you are in Brazil. There are a few simple hotels on the beach and Fazenda Caraiva is a short boat ride up the Rio Caraiva.

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At the end of Ipanema when the traffic curves round to Copacabana, pedestrians can carry on walking to Arpoador. From the pavement wooden steps lead you down to the sandy beach, a favourite with surfers, body surfers and local bathers most tourists stick to Ipanema or Copacabana.

Brazilian beach bunch sex is one of the few beaches which is lit up at night so a late night dip is also a possibility. End the day sipping a caipirinha and nibbling on a prawn pastel on one of the outdoor tables at the Azul Marinho restaurant, the only beachside restaurant in Arpoador and Ipanema, with a fantastic ocean view where you can also watch groups of local kids practicing capoeira and small bands of musicians.

Ilha Grande — big island — is home to Lopes Brazilian beach bunch sex, the beach of your dreams, a sweeping 3km of the whitest, finest sand that stretches out to a calm, crystal blue ocean. With not a building or restaurant in sight, Lopes Mendes is lined with palm and almond trees offering only a little shade.

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Bathers will need to take plenty of suntan lotion, snacks and a good book — although there are Brazilian beach bunch sex a couple of drinks sellers peddling chilled beers. Getting there involves a three-hour bus journey from Rio to Angra dos Reis then a hop on the ferry to Ilha Grande. Landing on the beach, walk up over a hill and then down through a small forest to the beach. As you walk out of the forest, the beach is right in front of you in all its glory. Praia da Fazenda arcs effortlessly across the wide bay from the small, traditional fishing village of Picinguaba.

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Wade across the river — catch a flash of kingfisher green among the mangroves — and two miles of deserted beach lie ahead. To your right uninterrupted forest and mountains; on your left the bay, scattered palm topped islands and fish jumping.

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