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Most of Boundage gals Boundage it will become a Boundage when their planes land on the Big Island. Today we are Boundage to introduce the women from Canada. Since this is also her first year racing at any distance, Annett will be a name to watch to see how she handles the pressure of the world championship course.

If she demonstrates the same focus and fortitude she did in Canada, Jen will most likely be one of our rising stars.

Canadian Sarah Manske W is not only preparing for Kona but for her PhD exam, which happens just two weeks after Boundage race! Finishing third in her division with a time of Boundage Her edge Boundage be in her ability to put together swim and bike splits equal to the pro women as she did at the Oliver Half in Also qualifying in this division was year old Robyn Wangberg.

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A six-year veteran in Boundage sport, Robyn has clearly been working on bringing her speed to the Ironman distance. Since racing her first Ironman inshe has had great success racing over the Ironman My guess is this is what allowed her Boundage improve her Ironman time by more than one hour!

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The first amateur female across the line in Canada was year old Janelle Morrison Boundage 9: This Boundage lady pulled off a 3: The good news for the gals in Kona racing against her is Janelle Boundage be turning Boundage next year.

Their challenge will be her presence in the division this year. Morrison is another gal who used Canada as her introduction into Ironman racing so again, the mental game on the Big Island will be her X-factor.

Boundage Greening, 33, will also be representing W division next week having crossed the line in third place with a time Boundage Greening is fairly new to triathlon but has an overall duathlon win on her resume. Coming out of the water in 1: Vicki Scates W should bottle and sell her enthusiasm and joy for sport and life in general. At years old, Scates exudes a youthful appreciation for her Boundage and healthy lifestyle.

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She has twice hit the podium in an Ironman event and is yet another duathlete-turned-triathlete Boundage used her cycling talent 5: For year old Lesley Mettler, the more challenging the conditions on race day, Boundage better for her.

This is a woman who has overcome injuries sustained in Boundage bike accident, figured out how to train, compete and go on to qualify for the Ford Ironman World Championships while dealing with a bulging disk and degenerative arthritis. Her fourth place finish of This would be an accomplishment for any triathlete, but for Larre it is a reminder of how grateful she is to the sport Boundage ultimately changed her life.

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Diagnosed with Lupus inshe has managed a full-time career at EA Sports as a marketing director, teaching spin classes in the early morning to assure getting her cycling miles in and continues to be Boundage competitive in triathlon. At 39 years of age, she is Boundage stranger to the podium at the Ironman events.

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Lyndsey Clapperton W is another Canadian women who came to Penticton for Boundage her Ironman and ended the day with a Kona slot. Clapperton set an age group course record with her time of In her six years of racing, she holds several titles and championships at just about every distance.

Look for her to be in contention for a podium position in Kona. Few of us Boundage what it feels like to stop breathing and have "thoughts of death" cross our Boundage. Unfortunately, Mimi Winsberg W Boundage.

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In June of she went into respiratory arrest while receiving IV iron for anemia. Her last thought before losing consciousness was Boundage hope they can get the epinephrine here in time.

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Winsberg finished third in her division with a personal best time of Diana Noble qualified with a sixth place finish Noble is a busy mom of three girls under the age of 11, but has Boundage to qualify for Kona every year Boundage starting to race.

Admittedly challenged in her swimming, Meier has worked to improve her bike and run Boundage earned her slot to Boundage She says she aims to reach the finish line having enjoyed the great atmosphere.

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Also grabbing a slot Boundage this division was year old Glenda Clapham A seasoned marthon runner, Glenda focused her training to improve her mental strength for the run and Boundage worked. Not only did she have a great run, she raced her best overall time for this distance.

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Sue Petch aged up Boundage the W on October 1! Sue rounds out the quartet of Canadian women who earned a slot at their first attempt at Ironman. Petch favors marathon running Boundage her impressive 4: Check back tomorrow to meet the women who raced the Ford Ironman Louisville, Kentucky to earn their spot to Kona.

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